South Africa-based speaker at DJI AirWorks 2020 Conference

A South Africa-based drone pilot, author and instructor will share her experiences on drones in precision agriculture at DJI’s AirWorks 2020 Conference, which had to go virtual this year because of COVID-19 circumstances.

A qualified drone pilot and instructor who first got acquainted with drones in 2015, Louise Jupp is also the author of Precision Farming from Above, where-in she explains the benefits of commercial drone surveys to farmers worldwide. She unpacks drone technology in agriculture, aerial surveys, advances in cameras, multispectral/thermal imaging, high-end software and analysis, application and commercial aviation law in a way that makes total sense to any agribusiness.

At the conference, Jupp – who also runs Terreco Aviation, a consultancy for the professional use of drones in agriculture and sustainable land management community – will speak on August 28 about the use of drone technology in livestock management, in a presentation titled ‘Watching your Flocks at Height’.

The session, to start at 19:45Hours Central Africa Time, will include case studies to explore the current direction of development and growth of agricultural drones and their advantages for livestock farming, as well as cover how current trends in the drone industry may prove advantageous in expanding the adoption of drone technology in livestock farming.

According to the synopsis of her topic, Louise will answer a number of questions.

“The use of drone systems in agriculture has focused on crop and yield management in one form or another,” the summary says. “Conversely, their use in animal husbandry or livestock farming has been relatively small in comparison. While examples of their application in livestock farming exist, such as tracking and counting livestock, inspecting water sources or assisting with stock theft management – their use and adoption are not nearly so widespread.

“Why might this be? What are the options for their use with livestock, pasture or rangeland management?   What are the challenges being experienced in their use for livestock farming? What developments might see more widespread adoption of drone technology for livestock farming?”

Jupp also edited another drone book, Drone Professional 1, an anthology that combined the stories of 16 drone professionals from around the world, sharing their experiences with commercial drones in the industry.

She says she passionate about drone technology because she recognises their value to society, whether in terms of providing humanitarian support, improving food security, enhancing disaster management options or promoting effective conservation.  Louise is particularly passionate about helping farmers improve their yields and profitability in more efficient, productive and environmentally sustainable ways.

“I have friends who are farmers,” says Jupp, who moved to South Africa from the UK twenty years ago. “I worry about their futures. I also worry about the growing need to increase global food production where natural resources are already under pressure. I believe drone-supported precision farming is fundamental to farmers and nations achieving their goals at a lower environmental cost.”

One of the most sought-after precision agriculture experts at many a drone event in South Africa, and after having presented a paper at the 6th Annual International RPAS Conference in Paris, France 2018, Jupp will now share her expertise and experience on her precision agriculture journey with other industry peers and attendees at the AirWorks 2020 Conference.

Organised by DJI’s Enterprise division and running from the 25th until the 28th of August this year, AirWorks is the Mecca of annual drone events, bringing together hundreds of commercial drone professionals, technology experts, and policymakers to share their insights, exchange ideas, and be a part of the leading discussion on the future of drone technology. It is a hub for innovation and growth, enabling participants in this ecosystem to learn the latest on drone technology and steer the future development of the industry.


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