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Spy drone halts Bayern Munich training

FC Bayern Munich stars had a brief heart-in-mouth moment yesterday when a drone hovered over their training facilities. The Bavarians were making final preparations for the second leg of their…

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Drones light up Seoul as fight against COVID-19 persists

South Korea might be winning the war against COVID-19 pandemic, having reduced the number of active cases in thee country to below 1,000, but that has not stopped the Seoul…

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Inspire Africa: Preparing kids for the future workplace

A South African organisation has taken up the challenge to prepare African children for tomorrow’s workplace by embarking on a drone coding programme that equips students with skills in STEAM…

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Drone Racing League to conclude this Sunday

The Drone Racing League will crown a champion in its popular 2020 FanDuel DRL SIM Racing Cup at 20:00hours GMT this Sunday. The races will be aired on NBCSN and…

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Drone racing League looking to keep sports fans entertained during pandemic

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is using technology to be one of the few professional sports leagues still active during the coronavirus pandemic. In drone races, pilots fly drones around…

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The best drones for 2020

As the technologies of mobile phones, cameras, and lithium-ion batteries have evolved in recent years, drones have  come a long way since the advent of expensive models that were once exclusive to Hollywood…

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