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On our way: Zipline’s quest to be the medical drone logistics company of choice

Anybody remember Bata? Of course, we are kidding. Who would claim not to know Bata, the shoe making company that – growing up – achieved the unique feat of convincing…

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A Cadillac passenger drone? It could happen

So, let’s take some stock on passenger drones. We have the VoloCopter and the EHang as the most prominent autonomous ait taxi models actively trying to bring their products onto…

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UPS and Verizon partner on connected drone deliveries

When it comes to 5G telecommunication network technology, there are only two extremes, and no middle ground. Either one belongs to the extreme of conspiracy theorists, like the ones in…

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UK Drone Corridor trials set for summer, 2021

The rest of the world is set to witness just how a drone corridor will work in real life, after the United Kingdom Research and Innovation institution (UKRI) – which…

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Introducing the haulage drone in Ghana

After witnessing first-hand the success of delivery drones in the medical industry (we have covered Zipline’s exploits in the country a few times here), the Ghanaian government has just itself…

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