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Drones are Good. Drones are Us. Drones are Africa.

We are Drones.R.Africa and we want to be your front page for drone and UAV technology news in, and about, Africa. We will brave the stormy waters, climb the highest mountains, ski to the Arctic if we have to, upend every nook and cranny if it means we will bring you the latest news about drones as they relate to the African continent.

Not war drones though. We have seen enough of war to last all lifetimes. But Commercial drones, aye. Drones that will add value and fun to your life. In a world that has seen so much change in just a short time due to disruptive technologies – the internet of things and the fourth industrial revolution among them – Africa as a continent cannot afford to lag behind.

It is high time our younger generations caused a technology disruption of their own; seeing as Africa is already a continent rich in most of the raw materials that have provided ingredients for many of the technologies disrupting the world today. We have witnessed how jobs are sprouting up that did not exist just a decade ago, while some jobs are being made redundant by technological advancement.

As a continent, Africa needs to stay on the frontline of technological disruption, and as a technology, drones have already proved their worth in agriculture, disaster management, mining, construction, among several other feats in many other industries; and here, we wish to shine the spotlight on it all.

It is our fervent hope that when you come onto this site, you will sit back, relax and drink your fill of drones and their good works on the African continent. We want to be the place where, when you click on a story, you would want to click on another; not because we have click-baited you, but because we have brought you so much value you want to stay and know more.


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