Leading African drone professionals in conversation

They do not waste time, do they?

Just a few days ago, Women and Drones announced the launch of its first international chapter in Africa; and today, the Women and Drones Africa Chapter already has its first online chat.

Just like that.

In her inaugural interview, the chapter’s director Louise Jupp chats with Kim James, the Director of South African drone services provider UAV Aerial Works, who reveals that she thought her life was set in the finance industry, but grew heart eyes the first time she experienced drones at work.

Given the ongoing lockdown in South Africa, the two ladies could not meet face to face in a pub and chat about drones while sipping on frothing glasses of their favourite beer brand and… well – we imagine Louise and Kim would never think of drinking while at work, but we have no morals at all.

We could definitely dart into a pub, grab a beer and gulp it down; and chat about drones non-stop…

But we digress… You can click on the interview above and listen for yourself as Kim and Louise discuss trends in the drone industry in Africa, women’s contribution to the industry, and challenges and opportunities for the future.

It is well worth your time.


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