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Drones surveying damage to the West African coastline

None of the drones being used to map out the scale of land degradation on the west African coastline have yet to endure the drowning ordeal this legend had to…

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Drones for sustainable development in the Global South

The best way technology can witness an exponential growth for citizens of the Global South is by promoting local technological entrepreneurship. At least that is the submission of Leka Tingitana,…

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Drones for precision livestock management

Cautious optimism. That is what drone agriculture drone professional Louise Jupp feels about the use of drones in livestock farming. Although conceding that the use of drones on livestock farms…

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South Africa-based speaker at DJI AirWorks 2020 Conference

A South Africa-based drone pilot, author and instructor will share her experiences on drones in precision agriculture at DJI’s AirWorks 2020 Conference, which had to go virtual this year because…

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DJI AirWorks 2020 Conference takes off

The year 2020 has been a challenging one for everybody, because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted people’s lives in a way that humanity never imagined before. But the…

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