Drone at your cleaning service

It is just like the headline says – it seems like cleaning services are steadily emerging as yet another niche market for which drone technology is finding a home.

Drone cleaning they call it.

The growing revolutionary art of cleaning facades, roofs and high-rise infrastructures like wind turbines, electricity pylons, bridges using drones.

We figure somebody woke up one day and did not feel up to climbing a ladder, a bucket container or getting tied to a rope so they could clean a wall or a roof.

So they tied a hose to a drone and flew it t work a dirty area.

And an industry was started.

Like this new high-pressure cleaning drones that has just been launched by French drone maker Dronevolt. It is called the Hercules 20 High-Dra drone and boasts of water pressures of 250 bars among its claims to fame.  The manufacturer reckons this feature makes their drone capable of tackling the most stubborn dirt and residues, as well as ice build-up on sensitive infrastructures.

Working in tandem with a soft washing system, the drone is equipped with a pressure adjustment function, which makes it possible to adapt the flow rate to different cleaning tasks and thus avoid damaging delicate surfaces or roofs of buildings.

“Our Hercules 20 High-Dra Drone High-Pressure Cleaning System boasts a state-of-the-art high-pressure system that delivers unmatched cleaning performance,” Dronevolt says.

“With a maximum pressure of 250 bars, this powerful system is capable of tackling even the toughest dirt, grime, and stains on building facades and roofs. The high-pressure system is equipped with a user-friendly pressure adjustment feature, allowing you to tailor the output to suit various cleaning tasks. This versatile function ensures optimal cleaning results while preventing damage to delicate surfaces.

“Constructed with high-quality components and designed for durability, our high-pressure system is built to withstand the demands of intensive cleaning operations. The compact design and compatibility with our sprayer H20 drone make this system a game-changer in the world of aerial cleaning services. Experience unparalleled efficiency and adaptability with our Hercules 20 High-Dra Cleaning System. Its advanced features and powerful performance make it the ultimate solution for maintaining the pristine appearance of your buildings and structures.”

According to the manufacturer, the Hercules High-Dra also has the below features:

  • Maximum pressure: 250 bars. Adjustable pressure output Ideal for cleaning facades and roofs
  • High payload capacity: One of the market’s most powerful lifting drones with a lifting capacity of 15 kg.
  • Flexibility: Flexible lance with adjustable safety distance to the treatment area.
  • 250 Bar high pressure: All high-pressure systems are built for professionals up to 250bar 28L/Min.
  • Wireless remote control: Easy and effective remote control of the high-pressure system with wireless and powerful remote.
  • Flexible hose: The drone is equipped with a special high-pressure, lightweight hose for unique and easy handling.
  • Easy-in technology: The drone comes with easy-in technology that gradually increases the pressure, thereby ensuring the drone’s stability.

Dronevolt is neither the only nor the first company to build drone technology solely for cleaning purposes. Companies that include Lucid, Acquiline, KTV, Aeras, Avidbots, Global DWS, LG Business and Gausium, whose specialities range from cleaning high, tight and unreachable spaces to vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and dust mopping.

Climbing to heights up to 60metres, the drones have an advantage over conventional cleaning methods in that they reduce the danger of human workers having to physically climb dizzy heights to clean surfaces; they save time and also clean with more accuracy.

Dronevolt was founded in 2011 and is in the business of manufacturing and selling service drones that represent many vertical markets, including security, surveillance, construction, mapping, data collection.


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