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Drones for South Africa’s rail tracks?

Just a month after announcing plans to use drone technology to beef up security on its borders, the South African government has revealed another drone-based plan – this time to…

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Investigators suspect drone involvement in SA aircraft accident

These are delicate times for the South African drone industry and aviation authorities in the country – the former could really do without suspicion that there are drone owners out…

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Lights out, and its lift off for DJI and Mercedes Benz

Commercial drone maker DJI has officially joined motorsport – and they are racing in Mercedes Benz’s corner. The world-renowned manufacturer of commercial and enterprise drones will supply the Mercedes-Benz EQ…

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UK turns to emergency drone delivery as second COVID-19 wave hits

Faced with recurring cases of COVID-19, the UK government has turned to drone technology to ramp up the transport of test kits, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other pandemic related…

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Drone-based crop monitoring for African banana farms

A new research has been published in which researchers has demonstrated the success of drone, mobile phone and machine learning technology to monitor the banana crops on East, Central and…

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Ghana’s power utility call in the drones

Drones are good – and Ghana’s power utility is now aware of that. They are good for inspecting the power grid, for instance, and to check power infrastructure on those…

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Drone Delivery Canada obtains licence to fly BVLOS

Drone Delivery Canada – the delivery drone company that recently started looking for opportunities to bring its drones in Kenya – are making the hard yards in trying to bring…

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Avy want their drones to fly as long as the sun shines

We knew it was just a matter of time, but we now have a Dutch drone that flies solar. Aviation and technology companies have been trying hard to harness solar…

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Flying labs fly into Zimbabwe

At the time they are celebrating the fifth anniversary since the launch of the first lab in Nepal, WeRobotics’ network of Flying Labs has welcomed a new member to the…

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Drone draws out murder suspect

Despite all the sterling work drones have been doing as part of policing efforts all over the world, there are still lingering questions over where drone technology stands in law…

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