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Drones and climate change

When Dania Montenegro stepped out of the boat onto Gardi Sugdub, a tiny Caribbean island off the coast of Panama last fall, it was hurricane season. She walked through ankle-deep…

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Government role in growth of drone technology

Written by Joe Mariani, Research Manager, Centre for Government Insights at Deloitte; and Peter Liu, Managing Director, Deloitte Today’s drone technology owes its lineage to work at the Defense Advanced Research…

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The eye in the sky

Drones have changed how we see the world. Even more profoundly, drones have transformed how we experience the world – how we decide the events that matter and create our…

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Police drones cannot come soon enough

It was the sound of gunfire, dynamite and screams that woke residents of Esther Park this morning. The middle density suburb about a kilometre or so to the South of…

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Celebrating the persevering will of Elong

Today, we celebrate the achievements of William Ndja Elong, a young Cameroonian whose dream of producing drones made in Africa has seen remarkable success. Elong is 27 now; but he…

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What makes a good drone law?

Below we reproduce an article from Drone Industry Insights, a reputable business intelligence company offering insights into the commercial drone industry. The article was written by Millie Radovic, a Market…

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Drones in construction

Construction industry professionals have long envisioned technological disruption to address common challenges of time and cost overruns to construction productivity and material wastage. Gone are the days when tasks at…

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Hands on with Inspire Africa’s Drone Coding tools

The Inspire Africa group is making a positive impact among school kids, mostly in Southern Africa today, through their STEAM education curriculum that allows the students to use drone technology…

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Local start-ups and experts need recognition – and help

For our second Drone of Reason ever, we will let the following opinion by WeRobotics’ Patrick Meier speak. There are an infinite number of start-ups in Africa that are struggling…

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Government role in adopting drone technology into health delivery

The headlines are everywhere—there is a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. Drones are on their way to deliver samples and airdrop personal protective equipment (PPE), and are even…

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