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RigiTech, Flying Labs in bid to kickstart medical drone logistics in Senegal

Foundiougne, SENEGAL – Swiss delivery drone logistics company RigiTech are serious about stamping their footprint on the African aerial delivery space for a long time to come. In the month…

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Drone enters fray in Argentinian soccer rivalry

As another quadcopter forces heliport to temporarily shut down in South Africa The greatest rivalries are always found on the soccer field. Or what Americans call soccer, but the rest…

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New surveillance drone on the African market

George, SOUTH AFRICA – Enterprise drone solutions provider, TerraCam will be adding JOUAV drones to its collection of aerial drone solutions offered to mining clients in Africa looking to secure…

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Lessons learned from medical drone logistics in Africa

Tip of the hat of the hat to the Inter Drone Podcast for scoring this video with Harrison Wolf, one of the world’s top voices on medical drone logistics. An…

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Partnership deal to transform African agriculture

Drone technology has been identified as one of the important modern digital implements that can be used by young Africans and women to improve food security on the continent. This…

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Rocketmine, RigiTech conduct drone delivery demos for health sector in South Africa

For a country that might have been the first on the continent to recognise the potential of drone technology in medical deliveries, it is astounding that South Africa still has…

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AerialMetric cargo drone completes longest flight yet

Madagascan cargo drone maker AerialMetric have just completed a 225-kilometre-long medical drone flight in Northern Madagascar – the longest cargo drone flight in Africa to date. Of course, Astral Aerial…

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TerraCam drones to the world

Most folks in South Africa woke up to the reality of drone technology around 2015, when its applications to various commercial ventures were beginning to attract regulatory attention. But for…

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Kenya Airways partner Skyports to launch drone services

London, UNITED KINGDOM – Airline company Kenya Airways has signed a memorandum of Understanding with British advanced air mobility (AAM) company Skyports, which will see the two exploring the possibility…

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Fighting malaria in Africa

Some grim statistics to commemorate this year’s April 25. It is World Malaria Day last Sunday; and Africa has not covered itself in glory when it comes to fighting the…

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