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Drone draws out murder suspect

Despite all the sterling work drones have been doing as part of policing efforts all over the world, there are still lingering questions over where drone technology stands in law…

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Drones and climate change

When Dania Montenegro stepped out of the boat onto Gardi Sugdub, a tiny Caribbean island off the coast of Panama last fall, it was hurricane season. She walked through ankle-deep…

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XAG’s sustainable drones rewarded at Reuters awards ceremony

Drone technology’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly operations received major recognition this week when Chinese drone maker XAG walked away with the Sustainability Innovation gong at the Reuters Events…

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Party over for unlicenced Singaporean recreational drone hobbyists

The party is now over for Singaporean drone hobbyists who until now have been flying small drones without the need for a pilot’s licence. As report in The New Paper,…

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Another step towards worldwide cheaper internet

The internet will be cheaper in the come few years – and we might have drone technology to thank for it. We have learned recently about tethered drones bringing internet…

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DJI, Skydio in Twitter spat as Chinese manufacturer retains top ranking

DJI and Skydio will not be inviting each other to tea any time soon. In a week in which Shenzhen, China-based DJI were confirmed as – still – the biggest…

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Ring’s Always Home Cam: security drone in the house?

What if you left a drone to guard the inside of your home while you were away? Well; now you can – at least according to smart home security company,…

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London to launch the first dedicated commercial drone corridor?

Covering a vast 6,500 square metres, the African Drone and Data Academy’s Drone Testing Centre in Kasungu, Malawi, might be the largest drone testing corridor in the world today –…

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Good drone… bad drone…

Santa may have a hard time deciding what to do with drones in Canada this year. On one hand, a drone saved three teenage lives in Peterborough, Ontario, on Wednesday…

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Government role in growth of drone technology

Written by Joe Mariani, Research Manager, Centre for Government Insights at Deloitte; and Peter Liu, Managing Director, Deloitte Today’s drone technology owes its lineage to work at the Defense Advanced Research…

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