Zipline signs up with Intermap

Intermap Technologies, an American geospatial information solutions company, has announced that it has signed up with medical drone maker Zipline to supply the latter with crucial geospatial Elevation-as-a-Service as support their expanding medical operations in Africa.

With a ballooning client base in Africa, California-based Zipline now boasts of over 100,000 delivery of emergency medical supplies, including on-demand emergency response to COVID-19 outbreaks. The company has proved especially adept at serving areas with a rugged terrain like Rwanda, and they need updated geospatial data for smooth route planning during operations.

“Intermap is an established world leader in all-source elevation data and analytics, including its collection, processing, exploitation, and delivery,” said Intermap chairman and CEO Patrick Blott. “Our relationship with Zipline provides an excellent example of how Intermap’s on-demand, almost real-time processing, Elevation-as-a-Service can support rapid operational expansion (strategic and tactical) for growing UAV companies, especially when combined with our cloud-based provisioning and customizable analytics. Most importantly, the service is immediately available on a global scale.”

This deal marks Intermap’s return to the African market, and its expansion in the global unmanned aviation (UAV/Drone) sector. Intermap claims the partnership with Zipline further illustrates how on-demand, real-time geospatial elevation data and analytics, delivered as a service, is mission-critical for the workflows that maximise flight safety and efficiency for unmanned logistics everywhere.

Zipline has found a rugged home in Africa

Based in Colorado, USA, Intermap Technologies Corporation is a global geospatial information company engaged in creating a range of geospatial solutions and analytics from its NEXTMap database. The Company’s geographical segments are the United States, Asia/Pacific and Europe. It uses its NEXTMap three-dimensional (3D) digital models, together with aggregated third-party data, to create geospatial solutions for its customers.

It offers these geospatial solutions to a range of applications, including location-based information, geographic information systems (GIS), engineering, geospatial risk assessment, oil and gas, renewable energy, hydrology, environmental planning, land management, wireless communications, transportation, advertising and 3D visualization. The NEXTMap data can also be used to manage the positional accuracy of airborne and satellite images. It offers Orion Software, which is a cloud-based software solution providing analysis and presentation tools with GIS.


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