PrecisionHawk partners with American Tower for drone-based tower inspection solutions

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA — It is understandable if engineers get antsy about having to climb the dangerously dizzy heights of cell towers for whatever reason (we know the reasons are valid; because there is nothing funny about having to scale a tower just for the hell of it) …

But… the Eiffel Tower…

Please. We are millennials; we really do not like it when facts try to interfere with a good conspiracy theory. Climbing towers is dangerous; and if there was a way to avoid it, companies with tower infrastructures in their repertoire would be well advised to try it.

As it turns out, there is. PrecisionHawk is convinced that is has a long-lasting solution to revolutionising wireless communication infrastructure inspections – integrating drone technology and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics.

The North Carolina, USA-based provider of geospatial data acquisition and analysis solutions is so confident of their technology that they lured American Tower Corporation (ATC), the Fortune 500 worldwide operator of wireless communication infrastructure, into a multiyear alliance where the two will work to “set new standards for wireless infrastructure inspections, with a comprehensive platform that improves their accuracy, efficiency, and safety to deliver a previously unattainable volume and quality of tower data.”

PrecisionHawk say they created an autonomous drone flight, 3D mapping, and analysis software portfolio for cell tower inspections, which will be used by American Tower to inspect its more than 41,000 wireless communications tower facilities in the United States, with potential to expand to its more than 183,000 sites worldwide.

Of the 183,000 worldwide communication sites in the aegis of ATC, nearly 19,000 were located in Africa as of the second quarter of the 2020 financial year, with over 2,100 sites in South Africa alone. PrecisionHawk figures that with the supply of robust and up-to-date information on these towers secured, ATC will be able to conduct detailed equipment analyses, enabling proactive maintenance, inventory reconciliation, and precise servicing.

“Safety and efficiency are paramount for tower inspections, and PrecisionHawk provides the only true end-to-end solution that combines a deep understanding of our needs with the ability to deliver unparalleled data,” said Eric Dudek, ATC Vice President of Network Operations. “With this alliance, we are introducing a superior method of inspection that we believe will become the industry standard and revolutionize our customers’ experience, leading to faster deployment of new wireless technologies.”

The real estate investment trust corporation started working with PrecisonHawk in 2018 – as it transformed its company operations into the digital sphere –  and has completed thousands of inspections since 2019, most of which inspired to leverage ATC’s expertise in wireless communications and unmanned aircraft operations, to create an end-to-end solution tailored to the wireless communications infrastructure industry, including PrecisionFlight Tower, an autonomous drone flight application, and PrecisionAnalytics Tower, a web-based 3D analysis and modelling tool for towers.

PrecisionHawk vice president of telecommunication and energy solutions, Patrick Lohman said his company was looking forward to work with ATC for the foreseeable future.

“We’re proud to partner with industry leader American Tower to launch PrecisionFlight Tower and PrecisionAnalytics Tower,” said Lohman. “Drawing on American Tower’s expertise, our solution was developed to meet the comprehensive needs of the wireless communications industry by enriching asset inventory and inspection data. In turn, this data empowers both facility owners and carriers to improve the reliability of their networks and meet their increasing demands for connectivity.”


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