Parazero spreading its safety systems across the world

Kiryat Ono, ISRAEL – Parazero Safety Systems is a company on a mission.

To put a suit of armour around all drones globally so they are safe to operate at any time and place.

The Israel-based Delta Drone International company manufactures drone safety implements, most popularly its range of drone parachutes designed to ensure that all kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles get to the ground safely in case something goes wrong – like getting short at while on legitimate police or private business – and the drone starts dropping to the ground.

In such cases, the ParaZero parachute system automatically triggers into action to ensure a controlled landing that will not endanger people and other vulnerable loving and non-living things on the ground.

It is a solution to unmanned aerial systems that the company is convinced will play a significant part in ensuring that drones can share the same airspace with other aircraft, or fly over people, buildings and public roads with little danger that they could fall and injure somebody on the ground.

“The company has worked with regulators around the world, contributing to the development of worldwide safety standards and enabling advanced operations for vehicles ranging from small unmanned aircraft systems to large electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft,” Parazero said in a statement.

“Having forged partnerships in more than 70 countries, including India, South Korea, the United States, and several across Latin America and eastern Europe, an around-the-world look at ParaZero’s latest developments illustrate how the company continues to support the drone and advanced air mobility industry by increasing safety for bystanders while protecting the loss of aircraft, equipment, and payloads.”

For instance, the company says that since 2019, more than 120 of its clients in the USA were granted were granted Federal Aviation Administration waivers for operations over people, because a significant part of their safety measures included ParaZero implements.

Similar breakthroughs were also made in Brazil, India; and in South Korea where drone maker Doosan Mobility Innovation announced it had integrated ParaZero safety systems into its DS30 Hydrogen Fuel Cell drone. This 25kg endurance drone, capable of carrying a 5kg payload, can fly more than two hours. During the pandemic, the company delivered critical supplies to outlying island residents, enabled by ParaZero’s SafeAir parachute onboard.

“Development and compliance with global certification standards are at the core of ParaZero’s vision towards delivering the best drone safety parachute systems,” said the company’s director of business development and regulation. Aaron Gabriel.

“The ParaZero team remains incredibly dedicated and focused on delivering world-class safety technology to the forefront of the drone industry, enabling global manufacturers and customers to have the highest levels of operational safety and risk mitigation across a wide range of aerial platforms.”

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