New drone and drone nest in town

There is now a new drone and drone docking station combo in town to rival the best in the game.

Coming from Shenzhen in China – which is also the home of DJI, the biggest industrial drone maker in the world – the new drone was developed by a company called GDU-Tech, which has been in the business since 2015.

The company manufacturers drone types (both multirotor and fixed wing; short- and long-range; even including an unmanned helicopter) and accessories that include a drone docking system; UVER drone sharing platform; payload, ground station and data chain; unmanned equipment dispatching and command cloud; as well as other systems for use anywhere in the world.

GDU-Tech’s drones were deployed in Madrid, Spain at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, to help the police apply new lockdown rules.

Last week, the company launched a new drone, the S400, and a new docking station, the K01; products GDU-Tech says were designed as a response to growing importance of drone technology; which in many applications has meant that drones are required to be on call at all times of the day.

“The application scenarios for drones have been constantly expanding from initial short-time and non-continuous to daily and continuous,” GDU-Tech said in a statement.

“Nevertheless, drones still rely on flight pilots (for flight control, maintenance and recharging), all of which runs counter to the idea that these flights are totally “unmanned”. The increasingly prominent limitations in technology training, personnel cost and management have become the main factors restricting the expansion of the sector.

“Hence; at an event themed Leading the Low Altitude Airspace Infrastructure Construction, GDU unveiled the professional S400 quadrotor drone and K01 automatic docking station, the flight platform designed for all scenarios and to make all scenarios application unmanned to great extent.”

With the right payload, the drone and its nest can be applied to inspection operations, environmental conservation, emergency response, security and policing; public safety, as well as the survey and mapping operations.

“The company will develop payloads, software, and systems that can truly solve the core pain points faced by each industry that uses drones. The solutions will be based on actual needs through one general drone platform (the S400 UAV and K01 automatic docking station) handling all possible vertical application scenarios (such as power, fire rescue, etc.), making the drone a tool that can solve practical problems.”

As further claimed by the manufacturer, the S400 UAV also boasts of the following features

  • Advanced relay networking technology that can expand the scope of operation under weak or no signal circumstances, using S400 drone as a signal relay;
  • Millimetre-wave radar perception for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance;
  • A battery endurance of 63 minutes, facilitating a wider range of operations;
  • 1K ultra-HD infrared thermal camera with 1280*1024-pixel resolution;
  • Quadra-sensor camera with 21T computing power that can greatly enhance operational speed and accuracy of target recognition;
  • Portability allowing the unit to be easily folded into a backpack.

As for the K01 automated docking station, it comes with a snow and freezing rain proof rolling hatch cover, and is said to be capable of operating in plus or minus 35°C weather. Equipped with a weather station and internal and external cameras, the application can achieve 24-hour remote real-time monitoring.

It remains to be seen how the new product will fare in an automated drone field that is increasingly becoming saturated, with providers like Airobotics (which was recently brought under the Ondas family that also houses American Robotics); Percepto; Asylon, DroneHive, Dronematrix, Easy Aerial, Fotokite, H3 Dynamics, Skysense, Avy and SkyX.

DJI also launched their own drone nest, the DJI Dock, which they said would be available for purchase this August.


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