Swedish award for drone market platform founder

We are celebrating with global drone market platform Globhe today, whose founder Helena Samsioe won the Women in Business Network Innovator of the year Award in Sweden last night.

Helena was announced as winner at a Gala held last night to celebrate the achievements of this year’s nominees, who were grouped in categories that comprised Future Promise of the Year; Innovate of the Year; and Entrepreneur of the Year.

Helena had been nominated in the innovator of the year category; and she came out top ahead of Sana Alajmovic, founder of Sigrid Therapeutics; a health technology company that seeks to manage chronic diseases through material-based innovations; and Nadja Hatem the co-founder of Cliently; whose best description for the drone community is that it is the Globhe of legal aid in Sweden.

Globhe’s on-demand drone data marketplace, enables individuals and organisations to get drone data, drone images and any sensor at scale from anywhere. Individual persons or organisations looking for drone services place their order on the website, and they will be instantly linked with drone professionals closest to them – wherever they may be in the world. Or at least in the 145 countries where currently over 10,700 professional drone operators are ready to offer their services and data.

Helena was delighted with the recognition, but was also quick to render credit to the team of professionals at her organisation that help keep operations afloat.

“Wow!” said Helena on her LinkedIn page.

We would say wow if we won anything.

“Innovator of the Year at the WiB Gala. The award goes to my unbeatable Team; not least my amazing COO Napoleon Bergstrom by my side; who go all in on this crazy rollercoaster ride that we are on.”

And since the awards are a celebration of the contributions of women to the world’s economic and social progress, Helena felt now is the perfect opportunity to address the elephant in the room, that has affected the dreams of not only women in Sweden, but all over the world.  

“Something that has stagnated, or rather even decreased, is the proportion of venture capital that goes to female-founded companies,” she said.

“In Sweden, about 30 percent of companies are started by women, but only one percent of venture capital goes there. Every year I ask myself how this is possible, how we cannot understand better. I haven’t fully found the answer yet, but yesterday we got to take part in interesting research on the subject from Luleå University of Technology; and not entirely surprising, albeit so frustrating, is that stereotypical notions that are not supported by facts hold back investments.

“Entrepreneurship has a lot to offer, but the key word is perseverance before you achieve success. In order to be able to buy that time, venture capital is often required. That some in our society have access to 99 percent of that capital, and others one percent is not okay.

“It is a shame on us as a country; but now there are so many of us who are going to change this; so the numbers must look different next year. Maybe it’s the entrepreneur’s eternal optimism, but I like to call it possibilism.

“It’s possible, so let’s just do it.”

Globhe has a presence in over 40 countries in Africa where its members have helped clients with data that include climate monitoring, construction site inspection, mosquito eradication; disaster recovery, as well as survey and mapping operations.


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