Itochu joins Wingcopter’s APP

Weiterstadt, GERMANY/Tokyo, JAPAN — German drone delivery company Wingcopter is spreading its roots deeper into Japan.

After securing a partnership with local airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) and funding from local venture capital firm Drone Funding, Wingcopter has followed that up with another strategic partnership agreement with Itochu Corporation.

One of the largest general trading company, Itochu joins Wingcopter’s Authorized Partnership Program (WAPP) and will act as a dedicated distributor and lessor for the Wingcopter 198, Wingcopter’s new eVTOL delivery drone, in Japan.

The Japanese conglomerate – with an annual trading revenue of $93billion – also decided to make a strategic investment in Wingcopter.

“We expect Japan to become one of the most important regions for drone delivery applications in the upcoming years,” said Tom Plümmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Wingcopter. “Therefore, we are convinced that Itochu, with the network and expertise in a huge variety of business sectors as well as the financial power of a Fortune Global 500 company, will help us serve more Japanese customers and allow us to jointly scale Wingcopter’s operations across Japan.”

WAPP, the network that Itochu is joining, is Wingcopter’s global network of strategic partners that include drone operators, resellers, and agents that are trained and allowed to operate, promote, lease, and distribute the Wingcopter 198 technology in their respective region.

In Latin America, Wingcopter has aviation specialist Synerjet Corp as an authorised partner.

Wingcopter says its partnership with Itochu will further strengthen its expansion plans in Japan, which Wingcopter figures is one of the most important markets for drone delivery in the future, given the country’s progressive approach to integrating drones into everyday life.

“Drone delivery has the potential to revolutionise how we transport goods, and it can immediately improve the quality of life for many people across the globe,” said Takanori Morita, CEO of ITOCHU Europe. “We believe Wingcopter is best positioned to become the market leader in this field with its superb product as well as capable and dedicated team.

“Ever since our establishment in 1858, Itochu’s corporate mission has been the spirit of “Sampo-Yoshi”. “Sampo-Yoshi” means “good for the seller”, “good for the buyer” and “good for society”, and Wingcopter’s business epitomises this spirit. We are honoured to become a shareholder of Wingcopter as well as its authorized partner in Japan.

“Together with Wingcopter and its stakeholders, we look forward to a great journey with a product that will make a positive difference to people’s lives.”

Wingcopter’s other partners include Expa, Xplorer Capital, Futury Capital, Hessen Kapital III, and Corecam Capital Partners.

The company says it is looking to onboard more partners, continuously expanding Wingcopter’s reach throughout the world.


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