Drone Professional 2 is here

The first book did so well, that is shattered all the expectations that its anthologist had set.

So – following this overwhelming success – Drone Professional 1 editor Louise Jupp – who compiled intimate drone experience stories from 16 professionals who were telling stories of their personal journeys with drone technology – consulted the wisdom of DJ Khaled on what she should next.

Another one! Said DJ Khaled.

So Louise went out and did it again; and Drone Professional 2 is here.

“I am thrilled to announce Drone Professional 2 is now available on Amazon Kindle,” Louise said, announcing the new anthology last Friday. “Drone Professional 2 brings together 21 drone industry professionals (seven more than the 16 that made the cut for Drone Professional 1) from around the world. They are all specialists in their chosen fields and consummate professionals in the drone community. Collectively they share their experience, insights, best practice guidance and current best thinking on a broad range of subjects in unmanned aviation.”

Louise Jupp did go and make another one…

Officially getting released on February 4, 2020, the book is available for pre-order right now, and has contributions from returning writers who include the director of UAV Aerial Works, Kim James and Tawanda Chihambakwe, whose start-up has since joined the Flying Labs network after the first book was published.

The rest is new stuff from new contributors. But although Dave Scott, Andre Meredith, Daniel J Blomerus, Maayke Leenstra, Ian Kiely, Itumeleng Mokoena, Filippo Tomasello, Gift Kgadima, Queen Ndlovu, Dean Polley, Godfrey Nolan, Justin Melman, Dr Debbie Jewitt, Jamie Allan, Clive Mathe, Sonet Kock, Tim Wise and Andrew Priestley might have made their inaugural contributions to the latest anthology, they are seasoned professionals in the drone industry with years of experience between them.

Dean Polley for example, the managing director of SASS, which deals with drone software, is well versed with drone technology in terms of image quality and unmanned traffic management; his topic on Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) should be a really interested read; considering that the next race in drone technology seems to be integrating drones into the busy airspaces of urban areas.

Of his involvement with the book, Dean had this to say; “I am really excited to be part of the new Drone Professional 2 publication. Thanks to Louise and Andrew for all their hard work making this possible.

Another contributor, Daniel Blomerous – a drone insurance expert who has been in the business for the past eight years expressed his excitement at being included in the latest project to pool real-life experiences from drone professionals in the field. Daniel wrote about his experiences with drones from an insurance point of view.

Other topics to be covered in the book include perspectives about the growth of the industry; risk assessment; drone applications in various use cases; conservation drones; and of course, with the editor’s grounding in precision agriculture, there is a chapter about agricultural drones too.

Congratulations to Louise for putting the book together and gathering another group of stories from all over the world to share about the growing world of drones. You can pre-order the book here and here.


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