Calling on you, drone family…

Morning all. A bit of a heavy one to start today.

We have a dream for the story of the drone in Africa.

Not the war drone, no. Africa has seen enough of war. If we do not see one more life lost to war before our time on this earth comes to an end, it would be too soon.

But the commercial drone, aye. The UAV that has opened up so many opportunities for many an enterprising African, regardless of age or sex. And it is our dream to share all these stories of the commercial drone with the world.

The lives that are being changed in rural Africa because the drone has made it possible to traverse rainforests and undulating terrains to bring vaccines and much needed medical supplies that would otherwise have been unavailable without the drone being there in time.

The lives and times that have been saved because a drone has flown the dizzy heights or deep mine pits where human live would have been endangered.

All the innovations that are coming to the fore because for first time, Africa has a proper drone training academy where our young people can try out all their drone fantasies in a safe environment where they are allowed to knock themselves out and let their innovative imaginations wander wherever they fancy.

It is our dream to share the journeys of female drone industry players who are blazing paths never taken before by grabbing opportunities to thrive in an aviation industry that for long has been a preserve of men. Their blood and sweat on the field today are literally planting the seed that is the blueprint DNA to make it easier for the girl child looking to venture into the industry tomorrow.

We need to document all these stories, gather thoughtful analyses from as make experts as we can, and make this information available to everyone, regardless of where they may be situated, or their financial status. We need to do this because we believe such crucial developmental information should be made available to everyone who needs it, whenever they need it, so they can be inspired to make significant contributions towards technological growth on the continent.

But to get better at this, we need your support. Your material support to be precise.

Now more than ever.

If you are a fan of what we are trying to achieve, and are in a position to help, you can show support to our dream by making a contribution, any contribution, or buying ad space on our pages so we can remain afloat and bring better quality drone journalism to you all.

It has been a tough year, and with the meagre resources we have, we have persevered in the face of adversity to share the African drone story, and we plan to do this for as long as the commercial drone exist; which we know – because drone technology is as earth-shattering and game changing as the cellular phone was – could be a while.

But our dreams are bigger than our own pockets can afford at the moment, and this is where we need you, drone family.

Please get in touch with us here, and help us stay afloat in this difficult period.

We would be grateful for any help you can give.


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