Blazing the drone trail with Suzanne von Rauenstein

Suzanne von Rauenstein used to fly helicopters.

She still does to be honest. But these days most of her time is spent behind the controls of a drone, as she instructs drone piloting hopefuls around her workplace at Cranefield Aviation Training.

In her chat with Louise Jupp on Women and Drones Africa’s latest episode of Trailblazing Women, Suzanne was candid about why she felt she had to equip herself with new drone piloting skills – in a nutshell, she fells drones are well on their way to gazump helicopters in most commercial applications, because they are way cheaper to hire, operate and easier to repair too.

So Suzanne went about upgrading her brain with the latest drone technology software, and before she knew it, she was setting up a drone services company, All About Drones, where she offers the students she trains a platform to operate legally.

There is a lot more that Suzanne discussed, including why she thinks she will stay long in the drone business, because it keeps coming up with new ways to keep her amazed; and she admitted she is somebody who gets bored easily. She also speaks about how the industry is still skewed towards men, and that something drastic needs to happen to help get more women invested into drone technology.

Check out the interview for yourself. We promise you will not be bored.


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