Solar-cleaning drone on the way

Petah Tikva, ISRAEL – Perhaps the smart people at drone-as-a-service companies like Rocketfarm will no longer need to be so creative with lines of code and hardware modifications anymore when it comes to their drones working on solar farms.

Because one drone company has decided to make a drone specifically for solar cleaning.

Airobotics, the Israeli manufacturer of autonomous drones and aerial data platforms, which recently pledged to find a drone-based solution to the malaria crisis bedevilling Sao Tome and Principe, will be working with solar farm services company Solar Drone, in a partnership agreement that will see Airobotics developing and supplying the former with a unique solar panel cleaning drone system.

The fully automated system will include a drone docking station for automatic battery replacement and cleaning fluid replenishment, enabling the system to operate continuously.

Our agreement with Solar Drone can leverage Airobotics’ advanced core technology to help monitor and maintain solar farms,” said Meir Kliner, Airobotics CEO and Co-Founder. “This is another step for us into a multi-billion-dollar market.”

Solar panel cleaning will soon become a multi-billion-dollar market.  Dirt, dust, mud and bird droppings greatly reduce solar panel efficiency, impacting power output.

This means solar panels must be cleaned frequently, especially in dirty/dusty/bird-rich environments. Frequent cleaning is expensive and time consuming, especially when panels are remote, difficult to access or difficult to clean. Examples are floating solar farms (on water), rooftop panels and sun-tracking panels.

Shmuel Yanai, Solar Drone Founder said;“Today’s solutions are unwieldy, uneconomical, and unable to cope with modern solar farms. We believe the entry of Airobotics’ drone technology into the market is a game changer, with significant economic potential.”

Airobotics and Solar Drone aim to leverage their expertise in drones and solar energy systems to create and market a new drone-based cleaning solution, forecasting initial sales of $10million in the first three years in Israel, Europe, India and the UAE.


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