Parachute system for the DJI M350

Israeli-based commercial drone safety systems provider ParaZero has released a parachute system specifically for DJI’s latest enterprise model of drones, the M350 RTK.

Which is just as well, because that piece of unmanned aviation hardware does not come cheap. You really do not want to crash it, even if it is not at the top of your list of world possessions.

Called the SafeAir M350 Pro, it is a drone parachute recovery system that mitigates flight risks autonomously, according to word by the manufacturer. It comes equipped with integrated sensors that continuously monitor and analyse the drone’s flight patterns to identify any indications of a critical failure.

In the event of an accident and the parachute becomes triggered, when triggered, ParaZero’s onboard computer, called SmartAir Pro, will respond with an instantaneous activation of the SafeAir system. The system will then cut power to the drone, alert people on the ground with an audible alarm, before deploying a lightweight parachute to bring the drone to the ground in a safe, controlled descent.

“We are excited to launch another unique aftermarket safety system for a leading enterprise commercial drone,” said Boaz Shetzer, Chief Executive Officer of ParaZero.

“The DJI M350 RTK drone is the replacement for the DJI 300 RTK, which we certified as ASTM F3322-18 compliant, and sold significantly globally, as well as received numerous regulatory approvals. We aim to achieve similar results with this new addition to our product portfolio.”

The manufacturer added that its safety parachute technology has helped organisations and operators around the world get regulatory approvals for advanced operations, including autonomous flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), operations over people (OOP), operations in densely populated areas, and drone delivery, by providing a robust safety solution to mitigate ground risk in the event of an emergency.

ParaZero has previously made parachute systems for the DJI’s enterprise line of drones (comprising the M200, M600 and M300); the Mavic and Mavis 3; as well as the Phantom.


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