New drone programming courses from DroneBlocks

Texas-based education technology services provider DroneBlocks has introduced into its curriculum new courses for its Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics genre.

The courses are available to every student in the world, whether as an individual or as a group, and they are being offered through the company’s Drone Programming Membership.

“The DroneBlocks curriculum is designed to be enjoyed by beginning through advanced learners, accommodating diverse learning styles, said DroneBlocks in a statement. “Students gain the opportunity to learn Block, NodeRed, Python, and JavaScript coding by executing their code using small Tello drones that fly autonomously indoors. However, if students do not have a drone available, they can learn coding with the DroneBlocks Simulator.”

Some of the key features of the new DroneBlocks Membership include over 100 cloud-based lessons and videos universally aligned to education standards, building upon each skill introduced; access to the online DroneBlocks Simulator and DroneBlocks Code; true STEM/STEAM applications across all subjects; Content and extension activities to engage learners of varying age groups; and Compatibility with iOS, Android, and Chrome devices.

In introducing this latest curriculum update, DroneBlocks say they were guided by research, which they say proved that applications of STEM education prove that students the world over are in critical need of a robust curriculum to prepare for the developing future. DroneBlocks provides the necessary tools to engage learners throughout the school year by exploring real-world challenges and logic.

Membership also provides content plus additional resources to help prepare students prepare for future leadership and the future workplace. Members will have access to DroneBlocks Tello Simulator, a means to explore coding through DroneBlocks, with or without a drone present.

Overall, the DroneBlocks membership begins with simple, introductory lessons that includes intensive courses, blending programming, problem-solving, and real-world application across the curriculum, with courses that include:

  • Introduction to Tello Drone Programming
  • The DroneBlocks Simulator
  • Tello & Art Presents: Dance
  • Introduction to Tello EDU Drone Programming with DroneBlocks
  • Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks
  • Tello Challenges from Italy with Mr. Torelli – Part 1
  • Node-RED Programming with Tello and Tello EDU
  • Tello Drone Programming with Python – Video Course
  • OpenCV, Python, and DroneBlocks for Tello Camera Control
  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming with DroneBlocks Code

According to DroneBlocks, access to the above courses can be accessed individually or through the new membership, providing options for teachers and students to access all courses on a monthly or yearly basis, with new content continually availed throughout the period. These options ensure access to all of the lessons and tools needed throughout the entire year.


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