Suspect triggers own arrest after shooting at police drone

…admits to a spate of recent burglaries in the area.

They have an adage in Zimbabwe, which says; if you are getting jumpy at every speck of dust falling from a roof, it probably means you hid something in that roof that you did not want people finding out about.

Translation: if you are getting spooked by the presence of something, or someone – like law enforcement – in your vicinity, then it probably means you have something to hide from them.

This proved true for Tyler Beloit, a Red Bluff, California man who spied a police drone making rounds around a shopping centre around midday on Tuesday – and started shooting at it with a BB gun he had.

Closer scrutiny by police revealed that the man reacted because he must have thought the drone was looking for him – because he was responsible for recent burglaries in the area.

According to a report from ABC’s, KRCR TV, police were operating a drone near the Raley’s Shopping Centre at around 11:54AM late Tuesday morning for an upcoming clean-up.

While flying the drone, however, they said they saw a man, later identified as Tyler Beloit, appearing to be firing a handgun at the drone.

“Several officers responded to the area and found a truck leaving the field with the suspect,” the report said. “Police stopped the vehicle and contacted the two men inside: the driver, who was found to be on Tehama County Probation, and the passenger, Beloit, who admitted to having a BB gun inside the cab.

“Red Bluff police searched the vehicle and found a black BB gun behind the front seat of the pickup. Officers said they also found several power tools, checks, and money orders inside the vehicle.”

The power tools had been reported stolen during a burglary on Monday at a home on Wernmark Drive. Red Bluff police said the checks and money orders were also reported stolen in a separate burglary at an apartment complex on Jackson Street earlier that morning.

Police officials said in follow up interviews, Beloit admitted to shooting the BB gun at the drone and admitted to both burglaries. He was taken into custody without incident and was booked into the Tehama County Jali for two counts of burglary, two counts of possession of stolen property, and wilful discharge of a BB gun in a grossly negligent manner.

After recovering the stolen items, police said they were returned to their rightful owners.


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