Florida man shoots down police drone in the USA

Seems like we are on the drone crime beat today.

We have just reported on the news of a Japanese fella who might be the first to be arrested for drunk droning in the world.

Well, this man in Florida was not drunk when he shot a drone that was on legitimate police business last week.

Or maybe it was the police report that did not mention the state of the man’s state of intoxication when the incident occurred.

Lake County police say they had been called to attend to a possible burglary in the Eustis neighbourhood where the Wendell Goney, 50, resides.

While there, they deployed a drone for aerial support, and to sweep the surrounding lots.

But the drone had barely covered any distance when the police heard gunshots, and the next they knew, their drone was hurtling towards the ground, bursting into flames upon crashing.

From the rotors, it looks like the drone was a DJI Matrice 300, but so damaged was it that it would be hard for a lay person to tell its model.

The Matrice 300 is a sturdy enterprise-grade industrial drone, but there is so much it could have done to protect itself from being blown to bits. And this one was so damaged it is beyond repair.

A new version of the same drone costs around $10,000.

“In the arrest report, Goney told deputies he heard the drone flying and thought it was trying to harass him,” said an account from Fox 35. “He told them he stepped outside with his rifle and shot it while in the air.”

Obviously, the deputies were not amused at losing one of Florida’s finest, so they arrested Goney and slapped him with improper exhibition of dangerous weapons, and shooting or throwing deadly missiles.

These charges got worse for the suspect when it was discovered that he had a criminal past, and the police had to add a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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