FIXAR fixing demos across southern Africa

Keen to make significant inroads into the Southern African drone market, Latvian drone maker FIXAR – through its authorised resellers in the region – has embarked on a roadshow campaign to showcase the multi-purpose capabilities of its flagship outdoor drone, the FIXAR 007.

We have reviewed the FIXAR 007 and its multiple offerings as the unmanned aerial beast of burden for various industries in this article.

Besides its capacity to accommodate a variety of sensors also to carry multiple payloads simultaneously (as long as they will not exceed 2kg), it is the black box feature that sets the FIXAR 007 apart from the rest of industrial drones.

“It is an advanced logging system capable of recording and storing information of settings, missions, sensor’s data, user commands, automatic control and payload information,” FIXAR said last September at the launch of BlackBox, adding that the main reason why it was installing the BlackBox on its drones was to improve on their safety infrastructure, as the box would provide detailed data for mission analysis, identify faults in case of the incidents and contribute to a more efficient monitoring and problem-solving and overall UAV industry security and development.

“The FIXAR BlackBox consists of a lightweight separate module that records all flight data into technical logs and LogExport software to process these logs for user purposes. This feature allows the geotagging to be available to operators at any time, even if the drone is powered off. The drone user or any other party is not able to interfere or modify the logged data, and data extraction from the device is performed wireless for an effortless process.”

We are not sure whether Stratavia Aerial Solutions, FIXAR’s Cape Town-based reseller in South Africa – also demonstrated the magic of the blackbox at the recent demonstration in the country, but there were a lot of other features to showcase.

The company said of its South African leg of demonstration tour; “FIXAR and Stratavia Aerial Solutions carried out the first demo flights in South Africa. The flights were joined by professionals of the NGO, Aviation and Insurance industries to assess the applications and benefits that FIXAR 007can bring to their daily operations and programs.

“The FIXAR 007 UAV was complimented for its simplicity, autonomy and easy-to-use mission planning software. The guests pointed out the potential for broader drone application for very specific granular material drop operations for seeding and mosquito control.”

You can check out the video above to get a feel of what took place.


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