Fancy yourself some pilot lessons? Try Pretoria University

Having completed a merger recently between Delta Drone South Africa and ParaZero Safety Systems to become Delta Drone International, the company is now quickening its steps towards offering world-class drone-based industrial solutions to the world.

In that vein, from Geospatial World comes a report that the drone-based data systems provider will be providing specialised Remote Pilot License courses in partnership with the University of Pretoria. Designed by the company’s training subsidiary, Drone Safety & Legal (DSL), the course is chiefly aimed at supporting pilots in the mining, agriculture, and engineering industries.

DSL expert trainers will provide the practical, safety and licensing instruction, while University of Pretoria lecturers will provide the related theory.

“With our expertise across both drone and software development, we were in a unique position to partner with the University of Pretoria to create these drone-specific courses, that not only accredit students with an RPL drone license but also allow them to receive specific application training, from world-leading lecturers, in the mining, agriculture and engineering sectors,” said Christopher Clarke, CEO at Delta Drone International. “At Delta Drone International we strive to provide the best drone services to the highest operational, compliance, and safety standards.

“Drone data services are increasingly becoming an integral part of the agriculture, mining, and engineering sectors, in creating much faster & credible data analysis. Using our expertise in the areas of aerial surveying and mapping, industrial inspections, and precision farming, we look forward to contributing to the long-term career paths of drone pilots within these sectors.”

The first students to the course will start taking lessons in April this year.

Clarke added; “Whilst initial revenue from the courses will be small, we expect the open-ended partnership with the University of Pretoria will become an industry standard, and a showcase of DSL’s training expertise. With the increased use of advanced drone services throughout Africa, we believe this training course will become a key part of a drone operator’s training and accreditation, also providing ongoing training revenue for DSL.”


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