Delta Drone SA, ParaZero complete merger

The announcement has been long in coming, but Delta Drone South Africa – a drone-based aerial mining solutions company – has finally completed its merger with Israeli drone safety systems technology manufacturer ParaZero Drone Safety Systems, to create a new company called Delta Drone International.

The company will be headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, where it is planning to relist at the Australian Stock Exchange under its new name on December 22 this year.

The merger follows a letter of intent the two drone solutions providers announced in March this year, where they indicated that a merger would be mutually beneficial for the both of them because it allowed for opening up new business opportunities in Australia for Delta Drone South Africa – the parent company of Rocketmine Private Limited, Rocketmine Ghana, Rocketmine Australia and DSL Africa – and in South Africa for ParaZero.

“In addition to our safety systems and preparing for the increased use of drones in urban areas, the merged company, Delta Drone International, will also run all on-site drone activity for companies in industries such as mining, agriculture, surveying, mapping, security, surveillance, blast monitoring, and fragmentation analysis,” said ParaZero in a statement. “Additionally, we will take care of all regulatory, insurance and maintenance requirements for drone operations so companies can stay focused on what they do best.

“The merged entity will take care of everything in the air so the companies (their contracted clients) can focus on everything on the ground. Mining and agriculture companies will be able to completely outsource their increasingly complex drone services to increase the safety and productivity of their large-scale operations. Drones enable fast and accurate survey data, blast monitoring and tailings dam management, collecting up to 200 data points a month with the info available on the same day as the drone flight – a huge increase in productivity over old surveying techniques.”

With an established based of top mining clientele in South Africa, Australia, Ghana and Namibia, Delta Drone have proved their mettle in drone-based solutions to aerial surveying and mapping, security and surveillance, blast monitoring and fragment analysis as well as thermal leak detection. The company’s survey and mapping solution removes surveyors from dangerous areas to increase safety and data turnaround time.

Recently, Rocketmine in South Africa showed their humanitarian hand when they partnered with the Institute of Mine Surveyors of Southern Africa (IMSSA) to help mine surveyors affiliated with the association who lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with vouchers to cater for basic supplies this festive season.

The vouchers – worth R1,000 each so far set to benefit up to 80,000 professional in the survey industry – will be extended to industry professionals who include graduate students whose programs were paused this year due to Covid-19, senior surveyors, survey specialists, chief surveyors and the drafts people from the survey department in South Africa.

ParaZero on the other hands, concentrates on the design of a virtual safety net for drones, providing a parachuting system that offers safe drone landing, and a remote control system that will trigger a safe parachute landing in case a drone runs into problem while mid-air.


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