Drone Professional 4 now out

Just leaving this plug out here for a bunch of our friends in the drone industry that contributed to the latest edition of the Drone Professional anthology.

The book is out now and is available on Amazon.

Put together by Louise Jupp with the help of eighteen other professionals, Drone Professional 4 features valuable guidance, case studies, best practices, and thought-provoking insights from professionals around the globe on the ever-evolving drone industry and emerging aviation technologies.

“Key highlights of Drone Professional 4 include company evolution path, business sales and growth strategies, thought leadership for business development and discussions on counter drone technology and the accessibility of UAM,” Louise says. 

“Additionally, it features specific applications for drones in engineering consultancy, the oil and gas industry and for mapping and. Measuring seagrass in the Mediterranean.  Drone Professional 4 also discusses the connection between training and safe operations, the benefits of drone management and compliance software and provides a step-by-step guide for farmers in selecting AgTech solutions. 

“It also covers the development of new regulations in Zambia and the best metrics for evaluating procurement of drone security programmes.”

He is what some contributors have said about the new edition.

Kim James; Director, UAV Aerial Works (who is also returning with a chapter for the fourth time): “I couldn’t stop at just the trilogy. Since our industry is still emerging in some areas but steadily growing and rapidly developing in others, this book features valuable guidance, case studies, best practices, and thought-provoking insights from individuals around the globe who have been around the proverbial block.”

“For anyone interested in the practical application, innovation and transformative impact of the drone industry and emerging aviation technologies, this book is a must read.”

Wade Hartley: “I am excited to announce the publication of Drone Professional 4 now out on Amazon Kindle, which I was privileged to contribute. This book is a collective effort, featuring the insights of 18 drone experts from around the world.

“Opening the first chapter of the book, you’ll have the chance to read about my path to today; encompassing the beginning of Hartley Aerial and some of the aerial adventures along the way.”

Armando Gessinger: It is a privilege to be part of this project, alongside so many talented authors

It’s been exciting to see the Drone Professional series of books by Louise Jupp get better and better. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading these titles.

Ken Treloar: “This latest release is even more practical and inspiring to both fellow service providers and those who can benefit from the latest drone technologies out there.

“For my ten-cents, I’ve touched on how readers can easily identify and recognise suitable drone service providers and solution partners (like Aerobotics) for their farming operations and AgTech service providers that can add real value where needed.

“It’s been a privilege contributing to the latest title alongside a fantastic group of global industry experts.”

Jasper Schmeits:Drone Professional 4 is now out; what this means for me is:

  • The 4th time a compilation of stories are collected; a broad spectrum of different contributions and every time I get inspired again on the possibilities
  • The third time that we as TAUW Group contributed; and happy to see other authors that are base of our DP-family
  • The 2nd time I am writing for DP; and in the meantime, a lot has been changed and it’s a continuous challenge in keeping up that speed of change. DP helps me in staying on track!
  • The first time I am writing together with Bob van der Meij who really makes my ideas reality. As a futurist I sometimes live in the future; but makes it happen today what I suspected during writing DP1. Hopefully we are able to create new kind of business along the way in preparation to DP5!”

Bob van der Meij: “I’m Proud to have been able to contribute together with eighteen fellow professionals on behalf of GeoZICHT – Drone projecten to the fourth edition of Drone Professional by best-selling authors Louise Jupp and Andrew Priestley.

“Following on from the previous three editions, this fourth edition is also an impeccable source of valuable information, new insights and best practices for commercial drone operators worldwide. Topics range from drone applications for (precision) agriculture, geodata collection, supervision and enforcement, anti-poaching and security services to BVLOS operations, use of drones in education, privacy-related issues, artificial intelligence, et cetera.

“Together with my colleague Jasper Schmeits (TAUW Nederland), I was able to make a nice contribution in the form of an article about the ever-growing potential of drone technology for specialist engineering and consultancy services. In doing so, we not only consider the (technical) possibilities, but also pay attention to the importance of equally relevant developments with regard to laws and regulations, social acceptance of innovations and increasing automation in combination with AI and machine learning.”

Filippo Tomasello: “Did you know that Zambia is on the path to adopt risk-based rules for the three categories of drone operations? You can find out more more in the article by my friend Lumbwe Chiwele and me, in the book DP4.

“The book also contains updated information on drone applications in Africa: a very promising continent from the UAS perspective. And the majority of the authors of DP4 are indeed African professionals. I am proud to give my humble contribution to the development of that continent.”

Ian Kiely: “My colleagues and I have produced another great edition Drone Professional 4 to share recent best practices. There is something for everyone at all levels.”

Nicole Jenkinson: “Lucy Erasmus and I collaborated to shift the perspective on compliance from a burdensome box-ticking exercise to an invaluable tool. In our contribution, we describe the exponential growth we have witnessed among our CrossChecks commercial drone customers, who have integrated and embraced compliance and are reaping the rewards by applying the insights they have gained to their strategic growth and development strategies.”

Lucy Erasmus: “In Drone Professional 4, Nicole Jenkinson and I discuss our journey in aviation—the ups and downs—and how we ultimately started CrossChecks. What an incredible road we have travelled! Since the launch of CrossChecks, we have had the privilege of witnessing how much it has assisted our customers in growing exponentially.”

Drone Professional 4 is already flying off the Amazon shelves; you want to head there now to grab yours.


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