Drone logistics group adds family member

Dubai, UAE – The Drone Logistics Ecosystem family is growing.

This time the worldwide network for a unified global delivery drone ecosystem has welcomed Dubai-based Microavia, to work with the existing members on standardising the drone delivery industry.

Microavia designs and manufactures an ecosystem of products for autonomous flight, including a multifunctional autonomous landing station, a long-range copter, payloads, advanced fleet management and positioning systems.

The company’s flagship product portfolio comprises the Atlas autonomous drone, a small drone which can fly for up to an hour at maximum speeds of 60km/hour.

The Atlas comes with Landspot, a 240kg drone nest with the capacity to autonomously deploy the Atlas within ten seconds. It has four battery charging slots, an industrial ventilation and heating system; and air conditioner as well as a weather station.

The drone nest is also fitted with two LTE modems, a radio modem and RTK technology.

“Altogether, a station, a copter and a flight management system (UTM) make up a DIB unit or a drone port,” DLE said in a statement. “The Drone-In-a-Box concept implies that an autonomous drone can be recharged in, and protected, by a weather-proof “drone port” equipped with auto-land systems, data transmission services, a battery swapping unit, and several other utilities.

DLE Family members worldwide

“This provides endless opportunities for various industrial applications like delivery services, surveillance, and structural inspections.”

Obviously, the DLE is elated to bring in a partner with respectable knowledge of the drone space, which they are confident will be integral to the network’s goals of a harmonised worldwide sky for drone logistics.

For it is the overall aim of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to pool together stakeholders in the drone logistics industry under one roof to support commercialisation and marketing of products. The DLE hopes its platform will especially be helpful to early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise; through lending its expertise for joint-development of products, consulting, or simply as sub-contractors, or for any other format of cross-disciplinary/border collaboration

“Despite the regulatory challenges and the issues with the drone delivery the major players have experienced, there are some really exciting cases which drive the industry forward – Manna, Zipline, Wingcopter,” said Microavia Alexey Lapirov.

“At Microavia we also believe that there’s a pool of opportunity for the robotic BVLOS platforms, especially for regular last-mile delivery missions in congested areas. So we keep our R&D team focused and keep exploring.

“Joining DLE has been an important milestone down that road providing us with an exclusive ability to align our vision with the other players and contribute to the development of a safer and more convenient ecosystem for all.”

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