Drone Delivery Canada to test Kenyan waters

TORONTO – Just this April, they were making pilot test for their largest drone yet – the Condor – but today, Canadian drone logistics company, Drone Delivery Canada has announced it will be exploring the possibility of its drones flying in Africa.

With a Letter of Intent signed on their behalf by sales agent Air Canada, the company has announced that it will be working with Kenyan logistics company Astral Aerial Solutions on exploratory missions to find out the opportunities that Kenya presents for their drone services.

Drone Delivery Canada is a drone technology company that focuses on the design, development, and implementation of its proprietary logistics software platform, using drones. In April, they accelerated commercial testing of their Condor drone, a heavyweight long-range commercial drone with a capacity to carry a payload of 180 kilogrammes.

It could be just the type of drone that Astral Aerial Solutions – the drone wing of freight operator Astral Aviation that recently acquired a drone operator’s licence to expand its parcel delivery operations that include small cargo planes and large drones. They have one of the largest drones among their fleet; with a payload capacity of two tonnes and a flight range of 1,200 kilometres.   

DDC have smaller drones in its repertoire too, like the sparrow and the robin, which were recently tested for delivering medical supplies in Canada.

“As our first international opportunity, we are pleased to be working with Astral Aerial towards an agreement for DDC’s drone logistics solution in Kenya,” said Michael Zahra, President and CEO of DDC. “There are numerous potential applications from traditional last-mile cargo to mining, oil and gas, healthcare, humanitarian aid and infrastructure inspection services.  Astral Aerial’s parent company, Astral Aviation has a global, award-winning reputation and we look forward to a commercial relationship with them,”

For Astral Aerial, company CEO Sanjeev Gadhia expressed his organisation’s honour at the prospect of working with their Canadian peers.

“We are honoured to co-operate with Drone Delivery Canada, and to learn from their experience in providing innovative drone-based logistics platforms in Canada that can be applied in Africa,” Sanjeev said. “The Canadian technology can benefit various sectors in Africa especially in Healthcare and accessibility to Remote Communities.”


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