Dronamics gets funding to expedite Black Swan rollout

Rising cargo drone company Dronamics’ mission to disrupt middle distance cargo delivery just go a shot in the arm.

Two point five million shots in the arm to be precise.

Dronamics – which became the first drone company to acquire a licence to operate in European skies as an airline – recently announced that it had been awarded a €2.5million grant by the European Commission.

Awarded under the Commission’s prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program, the grant will support the development and roll-out of Dronamics’ cargo drone fleet, the deployment of the first droneports in its network as well as operations in Europe.

Dronamics was selected as one of the few companies to have been awarded funding by the EIC Accelerator program, which had nearly 1,000 candidates.

“We are honoured to receive this support from the European Innovation Council, which we see as testament to the impact that cargo drone logistics can have on the European Union economy at large,” said Svilen Rangelov, the Dronamics CEO who co-founded the company alongside his brother, Konstantin.

“We will use this grant to establish our European operations and keep bringing innovation to help elevate communities and businesses using breakthroughs in aviation and technology that will revolutionise air cargo mobility.”

The EIC has also expressed commitment to support Dronamics’ upcoming Series A round of fundraising.

Dronamics’s flagship cargo drone, the Black Swan – a fixed wing beast designed to carry up to 350kg of cargo for a distance of up to 2,500 km at up to 80 percent lower cost than any aircraft in existence – was launched in December 2021.

It was not immediately clear whether the company will build new drone ports from scratch in new locations; as the Black Swan is also said to possess of capabilities to land anywhere without so much as a runway like the one needed by aeroplane.

Or whether the company will be establishing drone port facilities for its drones on site at the several airports across Europe, with which Dronamics has entered partnerships in preparation for the day it opens up for business.

A statement from the company said; “The European Union is home to millions of people who live in territories that often take days to reach by traditional freight.

“Dronamics aims to democratise air freight, by enabling affordable, and sustainable same day delivery for businesses and communities everywhere, especially remote and under-served ones.”


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