Start-ups partner for drone-based solutions in Zambian construction industry

A Zambian technology company is set to bring some excitement to construction sites in the country.

Alstralz Technologies Limited plans to introduce drone-based data collection to construction projects in Zambia, and for flawless analysing of the data, the three-year old start-up has entered a partnership with American-based information technology consulting company SkyVue Solutions, to provide clients with a comprehensive digital view of construction sites.

All this will be made possible though SkyVue’s mobile applications called Access and Capture, which enable users to stay up to date with construction progress through advanced collaboration, communication, and analysis features.

Ostensibly, drone images (or images taken through the Capture app on the phone) will be fed into the Access app, which a project owner or any stakeholder can log into to view images and videos to in the form of a timeline against a specific point.

At the time of writing this, it was not immediately clear whether it was possible for images to be uploaded automatically from the drone into the Access app, as is possible with the Capture app.

However, Alstralz did confirm that it had already recruited drone pilots who will be trained on how to work with SkyVue software on construction projects.

The platform also allows telecoms operators to automate cell towers inspection and asset management with intelligent digital twins by use of drones to capture images and process into 3D models.

 “Our vision is to work smart, keep processes simplified, reduce risk of accident by less use of human resource for work at heights,” Mwizukanji Sikanyika, Alstralz CEO said. “This technology will enable us deliver extended visibility to our customers for infrastructure roll-out such as those on towers.

“For the customers in construction, they will now be able to view progress of their buildings without having to physically visit the site. If this is achieved, as proven by our demonstrations, it means even sign-off and verification processes will now be streamlined.”

SkyVue founder Raoul Fossi added; “Our journey starts from Cameroon where we founded our start-up to deliver solutions close to home. We dream of a technology-driven continent and today we are in Zambia to extend our dream.

“Recently, we were selected as one of the top five African start-ups by Africa Digital Innovation Competition. Our association with Alstralz is to share common values to foster Artificial Intelligence solutions.”

Based in Lusaka, Alstralz describes itself as an emerging technology start-up whose solutions include 5G, IoT, efficient renewable energy, cloud computing, software defined networking and cybersecurity.

SkyVue meanwhile, owes its origins to Douala in Cameroun; its specialises in digitalisation and digital management of infrastructure. The company developed its Access and Capture apps, to monitor construction projects in a way that takes cognisance of the operating constraints in Africa.


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