AgEagle drops new eBee drone

AgEagle, the parent company of the eBee drones has announced that its newest drone issue, the eBee Vision is now available for order, following its launch a couple of months ago.

The fixed-wing eBee drone solutions are applied by customers in the energy, construction, agriculture, and government sectors.

“The eBee VISION delivers high resolution video imagery made possible by its 32x zoom and powerful thermal observation capabilities, designed to provide real-time, enhanced situational awareness for critical Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (“ISR”) missions” the company said of its new baby.

“Its sensor payloads are capable of detecting, tracking and geo-locating objects in both day and night conditions. Offering up to 90 minutes of flight time and the same ease-of-use that has earned AgEagle’s eBee line of UAS global industry distinction, the eBee VISION can be deployed and operated by a single person.

“Weighing just 3.5 pounds, the NDAA-compliant eBee VISION features live HD video feed, a flight time of up to 90 minutes, and wireless coverage of up to 12 miles. The high-performance drone can be deployed in just three minutes by a single operator.

The company added that it worked with defence and security professionals in perfecting its product’s Ground Control System (GCS) to feature a high-end user interface tailored to meet defence and public safety requirements.

“Based on technical input gathered from early adopters and through its many product demonstrations conducted since the first of the year, AgEagle’s engineering team has continued to work on evolving and enhancing the eBee VISION to provide optimal value to its users.

“More specifically, feedback collected has resulted in the design of an efficient and easy-to-use user interface (GUI) that has been customized for defence and security needs and delivers what many have noted is the best user experience available in the market today. The evolution of eBee Vision’s GUI has resulted in new feature enhancements such as cursor on target, target tracking, flight planning and GNSS denied flight mode.”

While waiting for the drones to grace the stores officially, AgEagle has already been on the road, working with partners across Europe and other continents to conduct live demonstrations and technical exchanges with prospective new customers.

The company says emphasis was on showcasing use of eBee Vision UAS for public safety and first responder missions, border patrol and a wide range of commercial applications.

“These events have all proven successful in affirming the operational capabilities of the eBee VISION and have helped to fuel rising procurement interest and demand for our exciting new ISR solution from government and commercial prospects, alike,” said Barrett Mooney, Chairman and CEO of AgEagle.

“We are excited to launch our top-tier, lightweight ISR UAS at an affordable price point. The eBee Vision will empower drone operators to perform surveillance missions, even in GNSS-denied conditions, and detect, track and geolocate objects and persons of interest at a very high resolution even at night.

“With commercial production now officially underway, AgEagle is able to begin fulfilling orders from those customers who have been patiently awaiting its availability and we can now address what has been an underserved need in the market. Looking ahead, eBee Vision should serve to solidify and amplify AgEagle’s reputation as a globally recognized pioneer in autonomous robotics.”


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