Nominations open for women in drone tech global awards

Nominations are now open for Women And Drones’ annual Global Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards.

Now in their seventh year running since 2017, the worldwide awards seek to recognise the contribution of women towards the growth and prosperity of the drone industry all over the world.

“Since 2017 we have recognised the trailblazers, innovators, mentors and business leaders who are making significant contributions to the industry,” the organisation said.

“Our Women to Watch program will continue to acknowledge and inspire women who are driving change and shaping the drone industry.”

The Awards Ceremony will take place later this year at the Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, USA on 25 October.

Nominations are open until Friday 16 June 2023.

This year we have expanded our recognition initiative by adding two new award categories – the Hall of Fame for Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies and Top Companies for Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies

Hall of Fame Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies

The Hall of Fame for Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies recognizes highly experienced and accomplished businesswomen in the industry. The inductees represent a cross-section of professionals in industry-enabling career fields.

When history is written about emerging aviation, the intent is to ensure that the contributions of women are included in the dialogue.

Top Companies for Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies

The Top Companies for Women Award recognizes a company, agency, or organization in the global emerging aviation industry with a culture where women can thrive.

It acknowledges organisations that in their pursuit of excellence, embrace diversity and have a culture of inclusiveness where women are engaged in key roles on the team and/or are in leadership positions of the organisation.

Organisatons also have to show proof that their work environment accommodates a family and life balance, competitive compensation and benefits, training, continued professional development and career advancement opportunities.

Kenya Flying Labs won the UAS Humanitarian team Award in 2020 and also made it as a nominee last year.

​“Africa is entering an exciting and rapidly expanding phase in drone application and every day I’m reminded how honoured I am to offer my skills as a young African woman to positively impact my community across various sectors,” said Anne Nderitu, who was Chief Operating Officer and fixed-wing drone pilot at Kenya Flying Labs at the time. “This award is proof of or belief that women will be key in unlocking all drone potentials across my mother continent.”

Individual Awards

There will also be individual awards on offer for outstanding women in the drone industry and their categories comprise the Innovation in Emerging Aviation Technologies; the Spotlight on Drones for Good; as well as the now famous Women to Watch in Emerging Aviation Technologies

The last award recognises the work of women dedicated to delivering innovations and solutions that create value for others in the industry; distinguish themselves by leading people and companies, and investing time and money to enable drone technology to benefit the world; positively shape the public perception of drones; and advocate for and empower more women to enter the industry and pursue high-level roles

“What an amazing honour it is to be named one of the Women to Watch in Emerging Aviation Technologies by Women And Drones, under the Education category,” said Ndapile Mkuwu, the National Instructor at the African Drone & Data Academy in Malawi, who made the 2022 nominee line up.

“I feel extremely humbled and thankful for the recognition. I’m inspired to continue doing what I can to create a more diverse and equitable industry through education, and would like to thank everyone who’s been part of my journey. To everyone who’s pushing boundaries, changing the narrative, inspiring others, breaking records & powering through challenges, this is for you!”

Women And Drones is an organisation focussed on driving excellence in the UAS/AAM industry by advocating for female participation. The organisation enables women to connect, collaborate and make global business connections. It also elevates the entire drone industry by bolstering diversity, equity and inclusion which improves business outputs and profitability.

While you may not be able to nominate yourself, you can forward the names of your friends and colleagues making a difference in the industry, or get friends and colleagues to state your case on your behalf. As of today, there is only 16 days left, so let’s get busy on this nomination platform.


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