Zimbabwe holds another successful drone light show

The world-renowned majestic waterfalls at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe were bathed in an illuminating glow last week, as hundreds of little drones made light patterns that celebrated the best of the country’s tourist attractions.

The drone light show – whose preparations we reported here – was held as part of opening festivities for an international evet on weddings, organised by the Destination Wedding Planners (DWP) Congress.

“I’m thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent event in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe,” said Tawanda Chihambakwe whose company Precision Aerial was the mastermind behind the light show, in collaboration with international drone light show organiser Lumasky.

“We put together and hosted a mesmerising 500 drone light show, the biggest Drone Light Show ever in Southern Africa and it illuminated the skies like never before!”

Chihambakwe shed more light (see what we did there) on how the second drone show in less than a year came about; explaining that his organisation was approached DWP’s local organising committee leader in Zimbabwe, Tapiwa Mukoti.

Mukoti runs the RSVP Weddings and Events company in Zimbabwe, which is affiliated with the DWP.

“From the majestic backdrop of Victoria Falls emerged a symphony of lights, choreographed to perfection, captivating the hearts and minds of all the over 300 delegates who witnessed it live from Wild Horizons Lookout Café,” Chihambakwe added.

As part of the show, the drones displayed the maps of Zimbabwe and Africa; and the country’s big five wild animals – the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhinoceros and the leopard.

“This landmark event in partnership with Lumasky Drone Show was a testament to our commitment to innovation and creativity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with drone technology.”

The teams from Precision Aerial and Lumasky worked day and night to ensure that the show would proceed smoothly.

Among the tasks they had to deal with first before flying was the choice of a perfect location to launch the drones from number of constraints we had to embrace and work through to make this happen were crazy; securing clearances in one of the busiest airspace in Zimbabwe; getting security defence approvals (because the were flying the drones right on the border with Zambia), obtaining import permits for the drones; logistics and a broken down truck; and even some elephants that blocked our route to the site for several hours.

But according to Chihambakwe, the end result was worth all the trouble they went through.

“What an incredible and unforgettable feat this was,” he said.

“I’m immensely proud of our team at Precision Aerial who worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and supported to make this happen: Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Flying Labs, Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Airforce, Defence Ministry, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.”

The hoops you have to go through to entertain a crown with drone technology for a few minutes.

Congratulations are in order for the Precision Aerial team, which also offers drone-based services for industrial applications, which include agriculture, mining, and disaster management and response.

Precision Aerial are also the local custodian of Zimbabwe Flying Labs, an international franchise of drone and robotic technology entrepreneurs that promotes the use local services providers for problems that call for drone and robotics technology solutions.


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