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Drone Council SA to hit ground running

Commercial drones have become a big – a very big – business in the world, and South Africa wants a slice of the pie. In 2019, reputable research organisation, Research…

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AcquahMeyer: From spraying crops to spraying market places

WASHINGTON – Towards the end of 2017 in Accra, Ghanaian pilot Eric Acquah founded AcquahMeyer Drone Tech, a crop spraying subsidiary of Acquahmeyer Aviation, which specialised on using drones to…

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Cote d’Ivoire: Incorporating drones into the UTZ Certification Process

In the Ivory Coast, the UTZ Certified programme has called upon drone technology to help in expediting the certification for farmers who wish to comply with sustainable forming protocols that…

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Saving the forests with Eden and DroneDeploy

CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles-based tree planting organisation, Eden Reforestation Projects, last week celebrated their fifteenth anniversary by announcing that they had planted over 333 million trees in the eight countries…

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Inspecting the power grid in hotter temperatures

It is always summer time somewhere in the world; and while the summer season is always welcome for all the joys and opportunities it presents, energy companies the world over…

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DJI keeps tabs with #DronesForGood

With one Ghislaine in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, it would be fair to assume that the world has forgotten about Ghislane Ihimbazwe, the little girl from Rwanda…

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The drone age and Urban Air Mobility

Drones, personal flying vehicles and air taxis may be part of our everyday life in the very near future. Drones and air taxis will create new means of mobility and transport…

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Government role in adopting drone technology into health delivery

The headlines are everywhere—there is a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. Drones are on their way to deliver samples and airdrop personal protective equipment (PPE), and are even…

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Time for authorities to rethink drone policy

It has taken an event of almost biblical proportions to demonstrate just how much we truly rely on the care and services medical practitioners give us. But the pandemic has also…

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Behold… the Drone Age cometh

We know drones are cool. But it seems, with the way drones have been employed in response to the devastation of COVID-19 – delivering emergency supplies, urging people to stay…

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