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Celebrating the persevering will of Elong

Today, we celebrate the achievements of William Ndja Elong, a young Cameroonian whose dream of producing drones made in Africa has seen remarkable success. Elong is 27 now; but he…

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What makes a good drone law?

Below we reproduce an article from Drone Industry Insights, a reputable business intelligence company offering insights into the commercial drone industry. The article was written by Millie Radovic, a Market…

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Global pandemic inspires era of delivery drones

WASHINGTON – Cough medicine, snacks, baking ingredients: Kelly Passek has shopping delivered weekly to her yard in Christiansburg, Virginia – by a drone. The flying vehicle comes with little fuss,…

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Drones in construction

Construction industry professionals have long envisioned technological disruption to address common challenges of time and cost overruns to construction productivity and material wastage. Gone are the days when tasks at…

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Hands on with Inspire Africa’s Drone Coding tools

The Inspire Africa group is making a positive impact among school kids, mostly in Southern Africa today, through their STEAM education curriculum that allows the students to use drone technology…

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Charging your drone battery – in five minutes

They did it with cell phones and electronic vehicles. Now Israeli fast charging battery technology pioneer StoreDot has made a drone battery that will charge in five minutes. On Wednesday,…

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Fighting the drone-lash

Is banning drones on grounds of country of origin wise, or does it lead to false sense of security? The war for data control is chiefly because data is the…

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The case for drone technology in mining

Fifty-one miners died in South Africa last year. In statistical terms, the figure has fallen to record lows, as safety standards have improved of late. But still, losing 51 breadwinners…

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Armyworm war goes aerial in Zambia

A Zambian agriculture technology company has taken it upon itself to help eradicate the armyworm plague in the country. Operating out of the capital city of Lusaka, Sunagri Investments has…

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Tree-planting drones for Madagascar’s lost forests

Madagascar used to be green. Really green. But no more. In the 2,000 short years that man landed on the East African island nation in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has…

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