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High school student develops poacher detection technology

By 2016, Kruger National Park was ready to give up on drone technology. Starring at the decimation of their rhinoceros and elephant population in the face, parks and wildlife officials…

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More drones for demining operations

It seems the idea of drone technology clearing landmines is not really a far-fetched one, after all. Following our report a few weeks ago about how a humanitarian organisation, Humanity…

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Hundreds of birds were nesting a in nature reserve. Then a drone crashed…

Authorities in the USA are hoping to identify the operator of a drone that crashed in a nesting area for elegant terns, scaring off 2,500 birds and making them flee…

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How not to use a drone: kids scare of nesting eagles in Canada

Kids; this is not how you use a drone. Because incidents like this one are why some aviation authorities still look at drone technology with suspicious eyes. Reports from the…

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SA wildlife conservation trust hits ground running following RPAS certification

Organisation to use drones to drop flappers on power cables in bid to save birds Three years. That is what it took for the Endangered Wildlife Trust to obtain their…

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Drones on patrol in Kruger National Park

“If you look at the elephant and rhino population (in national parks in Africa; you will realise that) if we do not do something soon, these animals are going be…

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