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Volansi unveils VOLY 50 mid-range cargo drone

San Francisco, UNITED STATES – It seems the drone industry has noticed a niche in middle distance logistics, which has seen a mini scramble for the manufacture of cargo drones…

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Volansi working on niche drone delivery market as race scales up

American cargo drone maker Volansi are the only company in Africa whose drone delivery service does not involve medical supplies. Their work in Senegal, where they acquired an operating certificate…

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Opportunities for cargo drones in middle-distance logistics

It has been a while since the world first learned about Volocopter’s Volodrone; a mid-range cargo and agricultural drone was supposed to the game changer in middle distance cargo logistics….

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The journey so far – cargo drones in Africa

…according to Denise Soesilo One of the founders of Outsight International – a consulting and project management company for the humanitarian and development sector – Denise Soesilo is a world-renowned…

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Volansi granted BVLOS approval in Senegal

Senegal may have become the first African country to open its skies for beyond the line of sight (BVLOS) drone flights for cargo delivery that is not related to emergency…

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