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Drone helps catch suspect in South Africa

Watch as a drone help catch a suspected burglar who had tried to break into the premises of a South African company recently. The drone belongs to Drone Guards, a…

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New surveillance drone on the African market

George, SOUTH AFRICA – Enterprise drone solutions provider, TerraCam will be adding JOUAV drones to its collection of aerial drone solutions offered to mining clients in Africa looking to secure…

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CUAASA warns of unauthorised drone activity amid Cape Town blaze

The Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association of Southern Africa (CUAASA) has reminded drone owners to adhere to the legal parameters of drone operations, following the emergence on social media of a…

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Drones to patrol SA roads

South African motorists should not be surprised to see drones flying over highways soon. The country’s Road Traffic Management Corporation – a state owned enterprise charged with ensuring safe road…

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Zim revenue collector to use drones to curb smuggling

Zimbabwe’s revenue collection body, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority says it has will set aside US$2 million to purchase drones that will be used to help curb smuggling and other illegal…

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Ring’s Always Home Cam: security drone in the house?

What if you left a drone to guard the inside of your home while you were away? Well; now you can – at least according to smart home security company,…

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Zimbabwe purchases border patrol drones

It seems drones are becoming a popular go-to border surveillance feature for countries in Southern Africa. Following a tender flighted last month by South Africa’s Sentech, where the parastatal was…

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Police drones cannot come soon enough

It was the sound of gunfire, dynamite and screams that woke residents of Esther Park this morning. The middle density suburb about a kilometre or so to the South of…

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Tekever resumes drone patrols along the Mediterranean

Portuguese drone technology company Tekever has resumed drone maritime reconnaissance and surveillance missions to look out for illegal immigrant activities on the shores of South Western Europe. The missions –…

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