New tethered drone solution for the US market

Today we are talking tethered drones; the kind of drone technology that has not gained the popularity it deserves yet; most because DJI has not made one yet.

Tethered drones are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is connected to a ground-based power source via a tether.

Their purpose is mainly to provide a stable and secure platform for prolonged aerial surveillance, monitoring, and data collection missions.

And telecommunications network provision too; because we covered this story where Kenya Flying Labs partnered with Spooky Action to launch a program to enhance cellular connectivity in one of the largest refugee camps in Africa using tethered drones.

But we suspect this new tethered solution from US-based tethered drone solutions company Volarious will be mainly used for security and surveillance purposes.

Volarious has joined hands with fellow American drone manufacturing company Vantage Robotics, to introduce the V-Line Pro Vesper, a tethered drone system is designed to enhance the capabilities of the Vantage Robotics’ Vesper micro UAV, offering extended flight times and improved operational efficiency for UAS operators.

The V-Line Pro Vesper features a 25-meter tethered line and a portable DC-power tether station that supports unlimited flight time through its hot swapping capability.

“The launch of the V-Line Pro represents a significant advancement in tethered drone technology,” said a spokesperson for Volarious. “By extending the flight duration up to 7 hours and enabling battery hot swaps without landing, we are setting new standards in drone operational efficiency and productivity.”

The V-Line Pro Vesper is Volarious’ tethered solution for Blue UAS category of drone in the US; drones approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) for use by the federal government

Obviously this rules out DJI and other Chinese-made drones, which stand accused of posing risks associated with potential data breaches or unwanted data transmission back to their home governments.

However, Volarious does offer tethered solutions for DJI drones, and Autel as well.

“The V-Line Pro Vesper is also equipped with the new V-Assist app, a companion application for Android devices that enhances drone operations by displaying critical data,” the company said.

“This app allows users to manage system health, update firmware, and ensure seamless operation in conjunction with other drone applications like QGC or ATAK UAS Tool.”

Other features of the V-Line Pro include:

  • Extended Flight Time: The system significantly extends the Vesper drone’s flight time, maximizing productivity during missions.
  • Hot Swap Design: The innovative DC power system enables operators to exchange depleted batteries with fresh ones without needing to land the drone, facilitating uninterrupted flight and continuous operations.
  • V-Assist Software: This new mobile app enhances communication and control, offering users real-time telemetry data and WiFi connectivity for effective flight management.

“This technological collaboration between Volarious and Vantage Robotics is aimed at enhancing UAS operations by providing operators with maximum situational awareness and more effective workflow solutions through advanced technology.

“As drone technology continues to evolve, systems like the V-Line Pro Vesper are pivotal in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in unmanned aerial operations, offering significant improvements in both operational scope and safety.”

The tethered drone solutions offers drone users looking to deploy drones for extended periods of time, by guaranteeing a constant power supply to the drone and eliminating the need for disruptive battery changes during critical operations.

The V-Line Pro provides unlimited power, now up to a height of 85 meters with the new product, using aviation-grade cables and 4K capable camera technology with thermal capacity, provided by Sony.


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