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Wanna take your drone for a spin in foreign lands? Take note…

As a Drone Operator the skies are usually your limit. Due to Covid-19 we are on tenterhooks, positively trusting this will pass and that we can get back into full…

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UK govt commissions research into UTM

Connected Places Catapult, the UK government innovation agency for the transport industry and autonomous vehicles, has announced the Open-Access unmanned traffic management project (Open-Access UTM project) for supporting operations of…

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CUAASA’s quest for a better drone industry in South Africa

The Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association of Southern Africa (CUAASA) has lauded the recent improvement in their working relationship with the local drone industry regulator, as South Africa’s drone stakeholders press…

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DJI denies security allegations against app

The world’s biggest drone manufacturer, DJI, has defended the integrity of one of it Android apps, which has been found allegedly afoul of some Google terms, at least according to…

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EU certification requirements for commercial drones gazetted

COLOGNE – Just weeks after the European Union drone regulations went into effect in the EU region, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has gazetted a proposal of airworthiness…

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Drone Council SA to hit ground running

Commercial drones have become a big – a very big – business in the world, and South Africa wants a slice of the pie. In 2019, reputable research organisation, Research…

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New drone body launched in South Africa

We know there are other associations for drone stakeholders in South Africa. But this one seems to have the backing of government structures. In a massive recognition of the growth…

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Government role in adopting drone technology into health delivery

The headlines are everywhere—there is a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. Drones are on their way to deliver samples and airdrop personal protective equipment (PPE), and are even…

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Move to harmonise African drone laws

Barely a year after it came into existence, the African Drone Forum is wasting no time making its mark on the continent’s drone landscape. The forum already has held a…

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Time for authorities to rethink drone policy

It has taken an event of almost biblical proportions to demonstrate just how much we truly rely on the care and services medical practitioners give us. But the pandemic has also…

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