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DJI denies security allegations against app

The world’s biggest drone manufacturer, DJI, has defended the integrity of one of it Android apps, which has been found allegedly afoul of some Google terms, at least according to…

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The case for drone technology in mining

Fifty-one miners died in South Africa last year. In statistical terms, the figure has fallen to record lows, as safety standards have improved of late. But still, losing 51 breadwinners…

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Armyworm war goes aerial in Zambia

A Zambian agriculture technology company has taken it upon itself to help eradicate the armyworm plague in the country. Operating out of the capital city of Lusaka, Sunagri Investments has…

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Zambian drones to be upgraded with health monitoring software

A Zambian Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology supplier has just announced plans to incorporate health monitoring software on their drones. Serving the World Using Aerospace Technologies (SWUAT) is a UAS…

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Tree-planting drones for Madagascar’s lost forests

Madagascar used to be green. Really green. But no more. In the 2,000 short years that man landed on the East African island nation in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has…

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News features for DroneDeploy software

Drone software company, DroneDeploy has released new software for its cloud applications. You can check them out below Automatically sending project reports within the organisational GIS platform DroneDeploy says its…

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EU certification requirements for commercial drones gazetted

COLOGNE – Just weeks after the European Union drone regulations went into effect in the EU region, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has gazetted a proposal of airworthiness…

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Crash course for new drone owners

Just like cell phones, drones are fast becoming a wearable accessory for today’s world. Hence the need for users to learn to fly their drones safely and responsibly. South African…

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Drone Council SA to hit ground running

Commercial drones have become a big – a very big – business in the world, and South Africa wants a slice of the pie. In 2019, reputable research organisation, Research…

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Locusts invade Yunnan, China

A massive drone spraying operation has been in progress in the South Western province of Yunnan, China, where an army of yellow bamboo locusts has invaded. Usually feeding on bamboo…

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