Zipline to start delivering in Washington, US

Zipline’s wings on drone logistics in the US continues to grow, with the latest landing being in Washington.

It has been announced drone logistics company Zipline will be partnering non-profit healthcare organisation MultiCare Health System to launch the state’s first commercial drone deliveries in the state of Washington.

The electric, autonomous Zips will deliver a range of medical products throughout MultiCare’s network of facilities, including hospitals, laboratories and doctors’ offices; starting in the Tacoma area.

The drones will deliver various medical supplies including lab samples, medications and test kits, with the goal of creating a faster, on-demand delivery model for MultiCare’s suppliers.

Pending regulatory approvals, the deliveries are set to start next year and will serve Pacific Northwest constituents (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) over the next two years.

“Our instant delivery solution helps doctors create a better experience for their patients; no delays, missed appointments or unnecessary stress and hassle,” said Keller Rinaudo, co-founder and CEO of Zipline.

“At the same time, the healthcare system grows stronger, more reliable and more efficient. In many parts of the world, this solution is an integral, routine part of healthcare, and we’re proud to partner with MultiCare to bring the same standard to Washington.”

A non-profit health care organisation with more than 20,000 stakeholders, including employees, providers, and volunteers MultiCare’s healthcare system includes numerous primary care, urgent care and specialty services — including MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care and Pulse Heart Institute in Tacoma; and MultiCare Rockwood Clinic, the largest multispecialty clinic in the Inland Northwest region in the US.

“Making sure our providers have what they need, when they need it, is a critical part of providing affordable and accessible care to patients,” said Florence Chang, president of MultiCare.

“We are always looking for like-minded partners who can help us improve the care we provide to the communities we serve in a sustainable and reliable way.”

MultiCare joins Zipline’s growing list of healthcare partners worldwide, which have seen the drone flying over 24 million miles and making more than 335,000 deliveries in operations that span the United States, Japan, Rwanda and Ghana.

According to the company, Zipline makes a delivery once every four minutes on average.

The company has partnerships with retail conglomerate Walmart and Toyota Tsusho in Japan, as well as government agencies and healthcare organizations around the world.


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