Wing expands into second city in Texas

Lewisville, TEXAS – If you forget eggs at the store or just need a quick treat from the cookie aisle, you may be able to get it dropped off at your house from above.

Having launched its operations in Frisco in greater Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, Walmart has now expanded drone delivery operations to Lewisville in the same area of the US state.

“We are excited to share that we are now serving customers from an additional Walmart location in Lewisville (801 W Main St Lewisville, TX 75067), in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas,” The company announced.

“On the heels of our original announcement and several months of service in Frisco, we’re now able to serve more customers – just in time for the holiday rush.

“Wing’s drone delivery service offers customers a convenient and safe way to get their everyday needs delivered quickly and efficiently. As our Frisco customers know, you will be able to get your deliveries in under 30 minutes.

“We’re working with Walmart to offer everything from full lunches to missing ingredients or over-the-counter medicines, and the service is available 9am-5pm daily to customers within a 6 mile radius of the Frisco and Lewisville Supercenters.”

Customers can get essentials from the Walmart Supercenter in Lewisville delivered to their homes in 30 minutes or less.

“They fly up to 65 miles per hour in the sky,” said Nicole Schone, the marketing & communications leader at Wing. “What we are hoping for is if people forget an item at the store or they have a sick kid at home, they’re able to order something quickly and easily through drone delivery.”

Customers use the Wing delivery app to select their items. Then they get loaded onto a cable and are sent soaring into the sky.

“The package is made especially for the drone delivery,” Schone said. “They’re aerodynamic and really light. Carries just under three pounds.”

The drones can deliver to homes in a six-mile radius of the store. Through the app, customers can pick from the pre-selected landing spots – either the driveway, front yard or backyard. 

“So they’ll lower down to about 25 feet,” said Schone. “They’ll release the package, and then it’s on a tether that will slowly and gently lower it down.”

So gently, Schone says you can even feel confident ordering fragile items like eggs.

“We’re really excited about what it’s going to bring to the community,” said Ashley Struchtemeyer, the Walmart store manager. “We already do a lot. We do express delivery, in home, so this will be just great for those customers who forgot one or two items – it gets there in less than 30 minutes – so I’m just hoping it has a positive impact on the community.”

By mid-afternoon Monday, more than 20 customers had used the free service on its first day.

“Whether you’re a busy working mom or elderly, this offers an opportunity for you to get the things you need just by staying at your home,” Schone said.

This is the second Walmart store in North Texas to partner with Wing for drone deliveries. The Walmart Supercenter on Preston Road in Frisco launched the service in August.

Between the two locations, they can now serve 60,000 homes.

There will eventually be a charge for drone delivery, but it hasn’t been determined yet.

Article originally published by CBS


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