US start-up begins shipment of new public safety drone

BRINC, the American manufacturer of drone technology for public safety, law enforcement and first response operations has announced the release of the LEMUR 2, a drone which the company touts as a fitting upgrade on its predecessor, the LEMUR S.

Production of the new model was actually announced in march, and the company’s latest statement was to announce the first shipments of the flagship new model, which have already been delivered to US customers involved in public safety operations.

The units will be deployed to de-escalate dangerous situations, assist in search and rescue missions, and improve first responder safety.

“With these deliveries we are one step closer to making our vision of a safer world a reality, all made possible by the hard work of everyone here at BRINC,” said Blake Resnick, founder and CEO of BRINC.

“I am so proud of what our team has accomplished, and equally proud to be serving the first responder community. Technology that keeps emergency responders out of harm’s way and saves lives is exactly what we are building, and we’re just getting started.”

The first version of the LEMUR can count deployment into the unstable wreckage of the Surfside, Florida condo whose side suddenly collapsed early this year, as well as making a big impact in police tactical surveillance circles, especially in Nevada, where in 2017, a gunman opened machine gun fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, killing several people; among its first accomplishments in public safety operations.

As BRINC claims, the LEMUR 2 builds on the success of initial these original offerings, to give a host of upgrades and capabilities not found on any other drone, among with are

  • GPS Denied/No Light Position Hold
  • LiDAR and Tracking Camera Array
  • Night Vision and FLIR Thermal Sensors
  • Smart Battery Power Management
  • FAA-compliant Remote ID Module
  • Glass Breaker for Window Breaching
  • Obstacle Awareness
  • Two-way Audio Communications
  • High-performance Antenna Array
  • USB-C Charging Ecosystem
  • NDAA Compliance
  • Improved self-righting Performance

“Our customers’ lives are on the line, and as such we are consistently looking to make improvements and advancements to our drones” Resnick added.

“For BRINC, this means packing every ounce of cutting-edge technology into our drones so emergency responders have the tools they need to make sure everyone gets home safely.”

Reportedly, the LEMUR 2 unlocks several de-escalation tactics for law enforcement officers thanks to its impressive feature set. The drone’s LiDAR array, which powers its autonomy engine, also provides real-time floor plans of its environment, instantly available to any officer linked into the BRINC LiveOps system.

Law enforcement officers can also use the drone’s on-board communications capability to de-escalate highly dangerous situations, opening communications pathways and enabling a peaceful resolution for all parties involved.


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