Two more droneport partners for Dronamics

London, UNITED KINGDOM – Middle distance cargo drone maker Dronamics is really eager to make up for lost time; and hence; the company is covering up a lot of ground.

Literally speaking.

Maybe it is not so much as lost time because Dronamics’ flagship cargo drone, the Black Swan, was not in existence until December last year.

However, as since it did, and in preparation for what the manufacturer believes will be a disruption of the middle-distance logistics space, Dronamics have been speaking with airports across Europe, with a view to get them to set aside part of their premises as reserved droneports for the Black Swans.

So far, 42 airports in fourteen countries have jumped on board, the latest Mannheim City Airport in Germany, and the UAS Denmark Test Centre hosted at Odense’s Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Denmark.

Both landing ports will host the Dronamics Black Swan cargo aircraft, enabling same-day delivery service and providing access to more than six million people within an hour’s drive of the airports.

Each droneport will enable same-day flights within the network, using Dronamics flagship Black Swan large cargo drones, each with a capacity of 350 kg and a flying range of up to 2,500 km.

While Mannheim airport comes as the fifth droneport location to come out of Germany, providing access to the thriving technology hub of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, Hans Christian Andersen Airport will be the first from Denmark. The airport serves Denmark’s third-largest city, which has manufacturing, robotics, and shipbuilding industries.

According to Dronamics, its strategic location provides excellent connectivity to Copenhagen and mainland Jutland.

“We now have our very first partner in Denmark and are expanding with an important fifth location in Germany which increases our coverage area in the country,” said Svilen Rangelov, co-founder and CEO. “We will continue our effort to grow our pan-European network of airport partners that will host a droneport for our same-day delivery service, and our ambition is to provide full coverage of all European countries within a day.”

Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Centre said; “We are very pleased to welcome Dronamics to UAS Denmark Test Centre. DRONAMICS’ vision of enabling same-day shipping over long distances is a perfect match with our ambitions of leading the integration of manned and unmanned air traffic. We are certain that both DRONAMICS and UAS Denmark Test Centre will benefit from DRONAMICS becoming a part of our growing drone technology cluster in and around Hans Christian Andersen Airport.”

While Dirk Eggert, COO of City Airport Mannheim had this to say on behalf of his company; “DRONAMICS is an important partner in our efforts to develop Mannheim City Airport into one of the pioneering infrastructure facilities for the environmentally friendly development of aviation. We are convinced that the short distances at Mannheim City Airport and the existing infrastructure perfectly match the requirements of this future-oriented project.”

After the unveiling of the first unit of the Black Swan aircraft back in December 2021, Dronamics have scheduled their first commercial flights connecting Malta to Italy later this year, followed by a gradual roll-out to other airports in the growing network.


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