The challenge of rethinking drone technology in Africa

We love this – questions about drone technology in Africa are moving beyond just the hype to the hard yards needed to scale up drone operations in every facet of the technology possible.

The steps might be slow, but they are real and steady, and are exactly what drone technology consultant Callum Holland predicted some time ago; It is going to be an arduous hike and will take all the efforts of every stakeholder to take us there.

But get there we shall.

And one of the people who is inspiring the way Africa can rethink its approach to drone technology (it goes way beyond just consumption) is Eno Umoh, an FAA-licensed drone pilot and co-founder of Global Air University, who took a leap of faith and dived into the drone industry eight years ago.

Since then, GAU has trained 18,000 individuals across 24 countries worldwide, received several entrepreneurship awards, and helped hundreds of drone businesses launch and flourish across various sectors, including real estate, construction, mining, film, and agriculture. I’ve been living the ‘drone life’ and I’m eager to help you do the same.

Eric’s organisation has introduced another training programme for aspiring drone entrepreneurs, and we are going to let him talk to you in his own words.

Welcome to our groundbreaking Drone Consultancy program – a meticulously crafted, done-for-you system designed to unlock new revenue streams and empower you to make a lasting impact in the emerging drone industry. This program harnesses the power of your invaluable advice, years of experience, and transforms them into digital consultancies, courses, and other dynamic assets.

What’s thrilling about it? You set it up once, and it sells, offering you a lifelong return.

Imagine propelling yourself in just 30 days from a drone enthusiast to a sought-after drone entrepreneur. With our program, it’s not just possible, it’s your exciting future. Get ready to monetize your passion and expertise, and embark on an exhilarating journey in the drone industry.

We’ve recognised a significant void in the dynamic drone industry – a gap between acquiring drone operational skills and leveraging this knowledge to create a thriving business. The challenge isn’t just about perfecting drone operations; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your unique knowledge and skills, building an impactful personal brand, and captivating clients in a fiercely competitive market.

In the digital era, your personal brand, a fusion of your expertise, passion, and unique value, stands as your most potent asset. More than just a social media presence, it requires strategic planning, engaging content, and persistent execution.

This is where our Drone Consultancy Program steps in.

Far beyond catering to drone experts, and transforming your love for drones into a successful enterprise in just 30 days, we also ensure that you receive personalised guidance and dedicated support throughout this transformative journey.

What Can You Expect From the Program?

This is not your typical course; it’s an all-encompassing transformational journey, meticulously crafted to launch your new venture. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The Drone Consultancy Blueprint: This is your step-by-step roadmap. It’s a done-for-you system that walks you through every stage of setting up your drone business, from carving out your unique selling point to strategizing the marketing of your services.
  • The Drone Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: This comprehensive library of drone consultancy resources includes vital elements such as Operations and Safety Manuals, Safety Checklists, and Mission Planning Guides. We also provide ready-to-use templates to simplify your journey.
  • Custom Design Package & Ready-to-Use Digital Assets: Stand out with our unique design package, crafted by our in-house graphic design team. They will develop your first eBook, brochure, and brand guide. Furthermore, you’ll gain instant access to professionally curated digital products like online courses, eBooks, and webinars to catalyze your passive income generation.
  • Hands-On Marketing Support: My team and I are committed to your success. We will devise and execute your first marketing campaign, including crafting the exact posts you will share to validate your service, ensuring a triumphant launch for your drone business. Our support continues until you’ve successfully launched and beyond.
  • Lifetime Access to Our Global Network: You will become a part of our growing worldwide community of drone entrepreneurs. This network is a platform to share experiences, gain insights, and collaborate on exciting new projects.

Who is this program for?

This comprehensive program is designed for drone enthusiasts across various levels:

  • Drone Training Instructors grappling with limited earning potential due to geographical and time constraints.
  • Drone Service Providers striving for business growth amidst feast and famine cycles.
  • Hobbyists with Advanced Knowledge who possess considerable drone skills but lack the knowledge to monetize their expertise.
  • Drone Consultants struggling to find consistent, high-paying clients or lacking the marketing expertise to communicate their value effectively.

Implementation and Personalized Support

Our program stands out by being a comprehensive, interactive experience with built-in support and a highly personalised approach. Here’s how we assist you throughout the program:

  • Onboarding Call: Right after you register, we commence with a one-on-one onboarding call with me. We discuss your specific goals, expertise, and unique challenges, which helps tailor the program content to your needs.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: These calls serve as check-ins where we discuss the week’s lessons, clarify any doubts, and share our progress. I provide personalized guidance, answer your questions, and help you navigate any obstacles.
  • Lessons and Action Items: Each week, you’ll access a new set of lessons with actionable steps to implement right away.

Week 1: Laying the Foundation

Objectives: Articulate business concept, develop a unique value proposition, and build a business and personal brand.

  • Understanding Drone Consultancy: Getting a grip on drone industry and market specifics.
  • Identifying Your Current Offerings: Analyzing performance and market fit.
  • Developing Your Unique Value Proposition and Building Your Personal Brand: Crafting a compelling offering based on your unique expertise and passion.

Week 2: Building Your Digital Empire

Objectives: Design a client-centric service, create the first digital product or service, and construct a sales and marketing funnel.

  • Outlining Your Service or System: Crafting a journey to guide your clients from their problems to your solution.
  • Determining Your Digital Product or Service: Creating scalable and marketable digital products or services.
  • Constructing Your Offer: Understanding the dynamics of low ticket vs. high ticket offers.
  • Building Your Sales and Marketing Funnel: Laying out a clear pathway to convert prospects into customers.

Week 3: Your Content Engine & Marketing Tactics

Objectives: Create a comprehensive content and marketing plan, understand the basics of copywriting, and develop a digital asset such as an eBook.

  • Building Your Sales Funnel: Optimizing your process of converting leads into customers.
  • Learning LinkedIn Sales Funnel Tactics: Utilizing professional social media to generate business.
  • Developing Your Content Engine: Organizing and strategizing your content production and distribution.
  • Creating Your Digital Asset: Developing valuable resources such as eBooks to provide value and attract leads.

Week 4: Your First Sale & Scaling Your Business

Objectives: Launch services, handle customer inquiries and follow-ups, close deals, prioritize customer service, and identify opportunities for business scaling.

  • Launching Your First Offer: Implementing strategies for an effective launch and customer engagement.
  • Handling Inquiries and Follow-ups: Converting interest into sales and maintaining customer relationships.
  • Closing the Deal: Managing transactions and onboarding customers effectively.
  • Business Scaling Strategies: Identifying opportunities and strategies for growth and expansion.

What our students are saying

We understand the power of real-life success stories, and while this program is new, I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible individuals who’ve made impressive strides in the drone industry using strategies similar to those you’ll learn in this program.

For instance, meet Kevin, a certified drone instructor from Kenya. Kevin utilized an email marketing strategy he learned from our Drone Business Masterminds program and made an incredible $8,500 in new revenue from one email! This was such a transformative experience for Kevin that he hired us to be his ongoing marketing consultants. He talks about his experience here.

While Kevin’s story is inspiring, he’s not alone. We’ve worked with many individuals who have found great success by implementing the strategies and techniques we teach.

Joshua, a Drone Service Provider from the USA, saw a transformative difference in his business trajectory after working with Global Air U. With our guidance and practical strategies, Joshua’s drone business revenues shot up by 70% in just three months. Moreover, he increased his client base by 40%, attracting not only more but higher-paying clients. Joshua is a prime example of how you can leverage your drone passion into a thriving business.

Engage, Learn, and Grow: Three Ways to Work With Me

  • Engage for Free – Connect with me on LinkedIn and join my email list where I share daily tips on drone entrepreneurship and consultancy. You’ll get to be part of a thriving community of drone enthusiasts and professionals, engaging in rich conversations that fuel growth and innovation. Plus, explore a wealth of knowledge on my website where I regularly post insightful blogs on relevant topics.
  • Join Our Exclusive Membership – For just $50 per month, unlock a treasure trove of transformative resources. Instantly access our comprehensive video course, a weekly newsletter with bid opportunities, a wealth of ready-to-use templates, and join a global community of like-minded individuals. As a member, you’ll be the first to explore new material and receive priority invites to exclusive live Q&A sessions and webinars.
  • Grow by Working Directly With Me – Unlock the full potential of your drone expertise with the Drone Consultants Program. This comprehensive package, available for a special investment of $3,500 (or 10 monthly payments of $350), offers a multitude of resources designed to transform your drone skills into a profitable business. It’s not just a course; it’s a done-for-you system that creates new exciting revenue streams that you can reap for your lifetime.

Our Pledge: A Guarantee You Can Rely On

We firmly stand by the effectiveness of our program and our steadfast commitment to your growth and success. Consequently, we offer a results-based guarantee: if you’ve actively participated and utilised the resources provided, yet seen no improvement, we will issue a full refund. Your progression is our success, and we remain devoted to this promise.


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