New surveillance drone on the African market

George, SOUTH AFRICA – Enterprise drone solutions provider, TerraCam will be adding JOUAV drones to its collection of aerial drone solutions offered to mining clients in Africa looking to secure and adequately do surveillance around their premises.

TerraCam would rather its clients set up in-house drone operations, which would be available whenever they are needed, as opposed outsourcing drone technology from private service providers. Which is why most of their work is now centred around training their clients – most of whom are in the mining industry – on how to set up those in-house structures and keep them running.

Chinese manufacturer JoUAV Aerial Solutions on the other hand, identify themselves as the maker of the most advanced vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) hybrid drones for security and surveillance.

Which is why their partnership with TerraCam, who they have chosen for the distribution of their drones in Africa, is perfect.

“To address the growing demand for security and surveillance drones in Africa, TerraCam was selected to be the primary African distributor (for civil and commercial application) of China’s largest VTOL drone original equipment manufacturer (OEM) by market share,” said Rolf W. Schlub, Managing Director of TerraCam.

“We have observed a noticeable increase in illegal mining activities across the continent, especially in the Mining Sector due to elevated commodity prices and high-poverty levels,” Schlub said. “The use of drones is a total game changer for mines that use these long-endurance VTOL drone solutions to either deter, monitor and/or track intruders from a safe remote distance using complex HD/thermal camera payloads.

“The video footage is streamed to remote security control rooms into their existing CCTV infrastructure. Unwanted suspects are identified, targeted, and then tracked automatically using built-in tracking capabilities. Ground response teams can then be guided to find the suspects or even be issued with their own video tablets that receive a real-time video stream from the drone’s on-board camera.”

The new JOUAV CW-15 Version 2

And as fate would have it, JoUAV have just released their latest drone – the second version of the JoUAV CW-15, which they say has a powerful range of active safety technology like situational awareness, binocular vision sensing and radar obstacle avoidance for forward and bottom detection.

With a payload capacity of 3kgs, the drone can fly at a height of about 6,500metres and has a flight endurance of 180 minutes. It has an intelligent battery system and support 5G networks.

“With the assistance of TerraCam, we are pushing into several African markets with our reliable and advanced CW-series drones,” says Tao Zhou the Business Development Manager at JoUAV. “We currently have seven assembly lines for various sized models of the CW-series VTOL platform. These platforms can carry a multitude of different payloads including HD/thermal imaging cameras, mapping cameras, multispectral cameras, aeromagnetic sensors for mineral exploration, LiDAR and even plug-in delivery pods that can delivery cargo hundreds of kilometres away.”

With the new factory which has 54,000 square metres of construction area being built in city of Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan province, JoUAV is growing exponentially and seeking to increase its international market presence, Zhou added.

“What makes JOUAV stand out from countless competitors, is that every part of the drone is developed and manufactured in-house, including airframe, electronics, avionics, payloads and mission planning software,” Schlub said. “Many competitors use do-it-yourself open-source autopilots that are unreliable, as we personally experienced. This harmony between in-house research and development and manufacturing is a winning formula for a developing reliable and sustainable drone solution that can be independently operated by the mines themselves.”


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